OwlCrate November 2018 Unboxing

Rise From The Ashes

November 2018 OwlCrate Box



  • Skull Planter designed by Team OwlCrate
  • Wax Seal Kit designed by Team OwlCrate and Michelle Gray
  • An Ember in the Ashes Pillowcase designed by Evie Bookish
  • Bracelet Craft Kit from Ann Williams
  • Fawkes and Dumbledore sticker designed by Susanne Draws
  • Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan


I don’t really like either of these items.  I am not a big skull person and I don’t do plants.  I also think the bracelet kit is a little cheesy and I don’t see how it pertains to the theme.

I love the design on the pillowcase, but I don’t have any decorative pillows so I will probably pass this one on to a friend.  I like the postcard/print, but I don’t know what it is from? It wasn’t listed on the content card.


The wax seal kit is my favorite item this month! It was a lot of fun to try out! I’m also super glad they included instructions.  I already had a Hogwarts crest wax seal stamp, but I had no idea how to use it so it never got used.  While trying out the OwlCrate stamp I also broke out my Hogwarts one.

As you can see things got a little messy but I had a lot of fun!  I learned that you can’t use regular candle wax because it doesn’t have resin in it so it doesn’t stick to the paper. (there is a great article about wax seals from The Art of Manliness).  I actually mailed the letters to my Sister and Grandma, and my sister sent me some pics of the results:

They all arrived intact, but when opening the letters they tore the paper.  It still worked really well tho!


I love the Dumbledore and Fawkes sticker!!! It will be proudly displayed next to my Luna sticker that I got in a previous box!

This book sounds good, though I probably won’t get to it for a while. I like the cover but I  wish tit was more different from the original.  I do like the blue map on the inside cover and the cool design under the dust jacket, but I really hate the brown color.  Its bad.

Overall I thought this box was just ok.  I love the wax seal and the sticker, but thats it.  The book and the pillowcase are fine, but I don’t like the planter or bracelet kit.  But, thats ok, I have loved every other box, so it was only a matter of time before I got one that wasn’t my cup of tea.



Next Month’s box will be themed “Power of Illusions” and there will be a wooden bookmark inside! I can’t wait!

Did you get this box? What did you think? Have you tried the wax seal?

23 thoughts on “OwlCrate November 2018 Unboxing

  1. I’ve heard really good things about the book, so maybe at some point you’ll have time to read it. It would have been nice if they’d done a special edition though, like some boxes. I love the sealing wax and stamp! I don’t have one but now I want to write letters and seal them with wax, lol!

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  2. I felt the same about some of the items. (I seem to have good/bad with every box though…) i wasn’t a fan of the bracelet or planter. The art print quote is from Everless/Evermore by Sara Holland (I can’t remember if it’s a promo for the new book or if it’s a quote from the first one). I love the pillowcase but the only pillow I have that fits it already has a cool design. Even with those instructions, I wasn’t sure how to use the wax kit so I haven’t tried it yet. I think I’ll stick with using it on envelopes anyways, not the letters, so it doesn’t tear!

    While I love the map inside, I too wasn’t a fan of the brownish cover for the hardback and I wish the dust jacket was a bit more unique. (The Fairyloot edition is absolutely gorgeous.) I did read the book though and thought it was good. Probably the best Owlcrate book this year, but I’ve kind of been disappointed in the selection recently. I guess I don’t “click” with the same books they do.

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    1. Sounds like you had pretty much the exact thoughts I had about this box. In the past I have liked most of the items, but usually one of the items I am indifferent towards. I am interested in most of the books, but haven’t actually read that many of them. My goal in 2019 is to read more of them!

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      1. That’s a perfect goal! I’m attempting to read them all before the end of the year. I have one left (and one I gave up on because I couldn’t get into it). Sometimes, with the items, it can be hit or miss. It happens. It would be hard to make a perfect box for everybody!

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