Robin Hood (2018) – Movie Review

Robin Hood (2018)


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I have managed to completely avoid any reviews, mentions, spoilers, etc for Robin Hood, but I am going to venture a guess: I bet this movie got awful reviews.

Anything related to time period accuracy seemed to be thrown out the window.  I am not an expert, by any means, on time period accuracy, but even I could tell everything was wrong.  It was a weird combination of new stuff and crossbows.  The costumes were all over the place too.  I’m pretty sure English woman didn’t wear anything close to what was portrayed in the film.  Also, correct me if I am wrong, but Black people and Arab people are two completely different races? (I looked it up and in the movie description Foxx’s character is labeled “moorish” which means “a Moroccan or, formerly, a member of the Muslim population of what is now Spain and Portugal. Of mixed Arab, Spanish, and Amazigh (Berber) origins”)

But despite all that, I loved the movie.  Because, lets be honest, I couldn’t care less about historical accuracy.  Give me a hot Robin Hood and an action filled plot and I’m happy.

So, yes, I realize this is technically a horrible adaption, but I thought it was a lot of fun, and it was exciting and action filled, and I enjoyed watching it.  And that is what really matters.  Will I watch it again? Hell Yes!

Update: Now that I am done writing my review, I looked up reviews, and I had it about right.


Here are some of my favorite review blurbs:

Have you seen Robin Hood? What did you think?

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