Friday Face-Off

Friday Face Off: Hero

This is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, but currently run by Lynn’s Book Blog.

“I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will.”

This weeks theme:  A cover featuring a hero

My Choice: Vicious

If you have read Vicious you probably think it is a super weird choice for Hero, but I was struggling picking a book this week and I think Victor is totally a hero (in a anti-hero Deadpool sort of way) and if you disagree you can fight me!


Tor 2013 | Tor 2013 | Titan Books 2014 | Titan Publishing 2018

Urano 2019 | Эксмо 2018 | Chongqing Publishing 2016 | کتابسرای تندیس 2018

Least Favorites:




Just based on picture alone this probably wouldn’t be my first pick, but having read the book this cover is absolutely perfect and I love it!

Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!


23 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: Hero

  1. I think an anti-hero is perfectly acceptable – these covers certainly add EDGE to the theme:). I think they are all great, but I have to say that my overall favourite is the first Tor cover where he stands on the balcony overlooking the cityscape. The artwork is subtle and accomplished, yet that bold colour scheme and fabulous title font nails it – for me, anyway:)).

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  2. You picked a great choice! It was my favorite as well! I’ve never read this book before, but I’ve definitely heard excellent things! I’m gonna go add it to my to-read list!

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  3. Oh no! Your least favorite (the first one) is actually my favorite! But I totally get it because I used to kind of hate it, and then it grew on me, especially when I looked at it more detailed and up close. But the one you chose as your fave is my second fave! And I love the Titan 2014 one too because black/white/red is my fave color combo 😛

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