November Wrap Up

This month was a bit of a failure reading and posting wise.  I have been super busy lately and just haven’t been feeling it.  But I am starting to clear up and I finally broke my reading slump (knock on wood) so I am hoping December will be better!!

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Books I read:

That’s right.  I only read 5 books and 4 of them were Children’s books.


  • Started out the Month in Oregon for the Oregon Football game and we rented a house on the beach with my Grandma
  • I voted
  • Thanksgiving
  • Another Softball Tournament in Las Vegas! We tied for 9th out of 100 teams!!

Around the Blogosphere:

I failed and didn’t keep track of posts I wanted to highlight, even though I know there were tons of good ones.  I will do better next month!!

My Posts:


Already Read:

Currently Reading:

Tentative TBR:


  • Christmas!
  • Christmas Parties (3 so far)
  • New Years Eve

Did you have a good November? What books did you read? Do you have any cool plans for December?


33 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

  1. Wow, you really did have a busy month! I hope you’re able to fit in a little more reading this month. I hope you’re enjoying Vicious. I loved that book and hope to get to the second book before the end of the year if time allows.

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    1. Thanks! I have already read one and a half “adult” books this month so I am already doing better haha! I am enjoying Vicious so far! I don’t want to put it down haha. I am thinking I will read the second book too ❤


  2. I am so excited about Christmas… and my bf’s upcoming Birthday… and my dog’s 2nd Birthday as well. 🙂 I love this festive period but at the same time, I sometimes need to slow down and breathe as it can be overwhelming at times.
    Sounds like you have a busy (in the best possible way) month. Have a lot of fun! 🙂

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  3. hahah your gif cracked me up BU.. HEY! books are books! You go girl! 🙂
    Love your pics! You had a fun November! Hope december is even better! 🙂
    I remember loving your review of Pride and bumping it up the TBR because of it 🙂

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  4. Sounds like you had an amazing month — don’t beat yourself up over the number of books you read! Looks like you really had a fun month, and December will be awesome. I need to finally read Vicious… but anyway, enjoy your holidays and your reading!

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