Pride and Prejudice – 1995 BBC Mini-Series

Pride and Prejudice


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I just discovered that the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice TV Mini-Series is on Amazon Prime Video! I can watch it for free! (I own the DVD so I can always watch it for free.ย  I don’t know why I was so excited to find it on Prime, but its the little things that make me happy!) I may or may not have stayed up till 2:30 am watching it last night.ย  Getting up for work this morning was rough!ย  But it was worth it! I don’t regret it whatsoever!

Two Words: Colin Firth


And we can’t forget Jennifer Ehle!


They are both amazing and I love them!


In case you couldn’t tell I love this adaptation! Its better than a movie because it is longer and therefore covers more, but it also isn’t a full TV Series so it isn’t too drawn out.ย  Its perfect.ย  I have watched it many, many times! Anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice needs to watch this adaptation! Ahhhhhh I just love it so much!!!



40 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice – 1995 BBC Mini-Series

  1. I just finished the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Pride and Prejudice again. I’m pretty sure perfectly tolerable has to do with the movie because I thought of you as soon as I heard a certain phrase.
    I doubt I’ll like the mini series as much but it’s Pride and Prejudice so who knows?
    Have you read the book series Kat, Incorrigible? It is very pride and prejudice-ish.

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    1. Haha yes!! Perfectly Tolerable is based on the movie. In the book he just says “Tolerable” which doesn’t make as good of a blog name as “Perfectly Tolerable” ๐Ÿ˜€

      And I loved Lizzie Bennet Diaries โค I have not read Kat, Incorrigible, but I will go check it out right now!! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Colin Firth was perfect as Mr Darcy! Jennifer Ealeโ€™s portrayal wasnโ€™t quite what I imagined Elizabeth to be, she possess spirit sure, but none of the liveliness that I thought she would… in that sense, I preferred Keira Knightleyโ€™s performance in the film adaptation.

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