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Pride by Ibi Zoboi


by Ibi Zoboi



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In case you somehow haven’t heard, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book!


I think my favorite part of Pride and Prejudice is the tension and the build up and the butterflies I get in my stomach every time I read it!Β  Because of that, one of my main requirements for a retelling is the butterflies! Above everything else, I judge retellings on the feelings they give me.

Did it capture the heart of the story? Did I get butterflies? Could I feel the progression as they slowly fell in love?Β  In the case of Pride by Ibi Zoboi, it 100% did.Β  I got butterflies and everything!!

On a more technical aspect (i.e. not butterflies) I really enjoyed this spin on Pride and Prejudice.Β  It was set in modern day Brooklyn, and I loved Zuri, this story’s Elizabeth. She was the perfect mix of haughty pride, steely prejudice, and sassy strength.Β  Β I thought it was very well written.Β  You could tell who all the characters were and they were all perfectly represented.Β  Ibi Zoboi managed to transform all the characters into modern day Brooklyn without losing their core personalities.

I never would have thought that a 21st Century Afro-Latino Woman and a Regency Era Caucasian Woman could be so similar, but Ibi Zoboi pulled it off.Β  Elizabeth and Zuri live in two completely different worlds and are two completely different people, and yet, somehow, they are the same.Β  I’m not explaining it right, but it was pretty amazing.Β  I have read plenty of modern day retellings, but the main character is always a well off white woman.Β  And most of those retellings still failed to capture the spirit of Elizabeth.Β  But somehow Ibi Zoboi managed to take Elizabeth and completely flip her surroundings and still stayed true to form.

I would highly recommend this to anyone, whether or not they have read Pride and Prejudice.Β  Its a great book in its own right, and it is made even better by the fact that it is a Pride and Prejudice retelling.


42 thoughts on “Pride by Ibi Zoboi

  1. OK, first I want to know about the book in the photo, is that a special edition, or is that what the trade hardcover looks like? I’m so interested in this book and I’ll rush out and get a copy if it’s illustrated like that! Glad you loved it:-)

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    1. Ummm the first picture with the Blue title is the regular version. The version I have, the one with the Pink title, is the Owlcrate Version. I think the illustrations are an OwlCrate exclusive but I am not 100% sure on that?


  2. I have seen some mixed reviews on this one, so I’m glad to see you liked it! My hold from the library just came in a couple days ago so I think I’m going to start it once I finish my current read. Side note: I am so obsessed with the cover for this!

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  3. I’ve been seeing some mixed reviews and it’s good to know you got butterflies, even when P&P is your favorite book. I love all the P&P retellings (I even watched a Christmas movie by Hallmart yesterday called “Christmas at Pemberley”), so I’ll definitely check it out.

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    1. Everyone has been saying they have seen mixed reviews, but I haven’t actually read anyone else’s reviews yet. I probably should but I don’t want to read negative reviews and have them ruin the story for me haha. That sounds like an awesome movie I must go find it!! Thanks πŸ˜€

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    1. I haven’t read any of the negative reviews because I want to live in ignorant bliss and just love the story πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but a lot of people have said they have read mixed reviews so I am curious to see what people didn’t like!


  4. I love Pride and Prejudice too! I enjoyed the book but prefer the movie and web adaption. I didn’t know Elizabeth – Zuri – was afro-latina. I’ve never read a book starring an afro-latina and I’ve never heard of one being in a YA book either. I’m kind of into because of that, it being Pride and Prejudice, and as a over of Pride and Prejudice, your review. I thought I was going to skip this. I thought wrong!


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