A Tour of My Writing Space (Pics)

I saw this tour done by Yari @ YariGarciaWrites and I loved all her pics so I decided to participate and show you my “writing” space. I put “writing” in quotes for two reasons.  First is that I only write blog posts and reviews I don’t write books or poems or essays or anything.  Second is that this is really my desk at work, not my writing space.  When I write at home I just lay on the couch but I do some writing at work so it counts! (shhhh don’t tell my boss!)


This is my desk!! I have one of those bouncy ball things to sit on but I usually just use it as a foot rest.  I love how bright and happy my desk is but its always FREEZING!!


At this end I have a Spider-man collage and bulletin board, both of which I made.  On my bulletin board I have a German Pokemon card from the deck I got my brother while I was in Germany and a Litten that he also gave me because he knows I love cats ❤ I have my “Stomp out Cancer” Oregon cup which I use for water and two mugs (one of which is personalized with my fun babies!) that I drink tea out of. Above the bulletin board, its kind of hard to see, is a cat throwing up a rainbow figurine.


Next I have my twinkle lights that change colors, a print out I stole from someone’s blog (I think it was Beware Of The Reader) because I liked it so much, (sorry if I miscredited you! If it is yours let me know and I will credit you correctly) a picture of my niece, a card my grandma sent me, and a monkey window cling (you will see the rest of the set later)


In the middle I have a Kittencorn, a pinwheel my coworker made me out of sticky notes and you can see the crane which I will talk more about next.

The story behind the crane is that my coworker bought it for $10 and it is 4ft tall and actually works.  For a while it was on my desk but it was taking up too much space so I made him take it back.  Currently it is home to a beanie baby bat, a skeleton monkey that makes noise, the Despicable Me unicorn (Fluffy) and a bunch of Candy canes.  This is the communal crane and we all play with it and add stuff too it!


On the far side of my desk I have a board where I write quotes, a pendulum that makes pretty designs in the sand, a magnetic hourglass, and the rest of the window cling pack.  The window clings are Valentines themed but they were color-your-own so I love them and they stayed.  Above my stuff you can see the dinosaur war going on between me and my coworker (the same one that bought the crane)


The dinosaur war started out as 2 Funko Pop! dinosaurs facing off with Iron Man as the referee, but the fight keeps growing as more dinos get added.  And a minion got thrown in there at one point.


The T-Rex at the end was too big to sit on the ledge so he had to fall off the cliff.  The bubbles are kind of hard to read but they say “Help Me” and “Never! (Evil Laugh)”  The other dino is supposed to be facing the T-Rex but I just noticed someone turned him the wrong way.

So thats my desk!! What do you think?  Do you have a writing space or desk that makes you happy?  If so, show us!! If you do please let me know so I can check it out!

33 thoughts on “A Tour of My Writing Space (Pics)

  1. That was really cool! I think my favorite is the crane, such a unique item. Oh, and of course, anything cat-related 😉

    The quote of the day board is such a good idea. Also, I love items like the magnetic hourglass and the pendulum. It reminds me of these science stores that were in malls in the late 90s 😁

    Very cool! I’m glad you did the tour 😊 Take care,

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  2. oh this is so cool! I wish I could do the same but I work in an open space and shared desks. We are asked to clean our desk at the end of the day as we don’t have “fixed” work desk. And yes you are right your graphic is from my blog! I am happy you loved it! If you want others this one coems from PNGTREE and it’s free. Just fantastic site for vectors and illustrations 😉

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    1. I am at work 8 hours a day Monday – Friday, I think I would go crazy if I couldn’t personalize it!!! That sucks you can’t personalize your desk 😦

      And thanks I just looked at that sight and it is awesome! Thanks 🙂


      1. I bought one today!! I’m sitting on it right now 🙂 Yay! I love it and you are right it is comfortable and fun to sit on. Thanks for reminding me I needed to get one. PS: I wanted one for awhile actually

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    1. That is not a weird question at all! I used to collect beanie babies when I was a kid ❤ (that was before Beanie Boos were a thing haha) His name is Ozzy! There was a purple one too, but I don't know if he has the same name.


      1. Haha, I thought that might have been Ozzy, I believe he is a Walgreens exclusive! I’ve not had luck finding him though, but I ended up getting the purple one for my daughter, who likes the color more anyway (I think his name is Count)

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      2. I did get him at Walgreens so that makes sense! They had both the purple one and blue one for sale but my fav color is blue so that is what I got 🙂 I am glad you got the purple one for her!


      3. I was going to message you but your blog doesn’t have a contact form and your twitter blocks messages but if you still wanted to get your daughter the blue one then I can look at the Walgreens around here to see if any of them still have it?


      1. I didn’t really decorate my desk so much as randomly accumulated stuff!! Do you have any nerdy stuff at home that you particularly like but it doesn’t have a good spot in your house? Bring it to work!! Haha This is an accumulation of years of finding cool stuff and it is constantly changing as I find new stuff!


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