Bullet Journal Try 2 – What I learned

Back in February I created My First Ever Bullet Journal and I was super excited for it! But recently I have decided to scrap it and start again!

Reasons Why I Am Switching To A New Book:

  • The old book didn’t have enough pages and the pages were too big
  • I found an actual Bullet Journal on sale at Barnes and Noble
  • I spilled water on my old book
  • I now know which pages I like and which pages I don’t

Here you can see the old and new book together:


The black journal has 60 lined pages and is 7″ x 9″.  The blue journal has 180 pages that have little dots like a real bullet journal and is 5.5″ x 8″.

I left the black journal in my car and a leaking water bottle got put on top of it and the colors bled:

Its on the back so it wasn’t that big of deal, but it still factored into me wanting to start over!

Things I Didn’t Like About My Old Journal:

  • Monthly Calendar

The way I did the monthly calendar in the old journal didn’t have the days of the week and that made it super hard for me to use.  I like how I did it in the new journal much better!

Things I Liked But Decided Not To Keep:

There were a lot of pages that I liked the idea of, and I liked the way they looked, but they were just too much work and I wasn’t keep up with them

  • Activity Tacker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Book Haul
  • Movies and TV Shows Watched

Pages I Kept:

  • Finances / Bills / Money Matters
  • Books I’ve Finished
  • Blog Post Ideas

I am not going to picture my $ pages because they haven’t changed at all since my last post.  I changed up the Books I’ve read pages a lot.  I like the old look better but I didn’t have enough space to do it the same way. (White pages are new, blue are old)


New Pages I Added:

  • Weekly To Do
  • To Do
  • Favorite Poem
  • Random Misc Notes

I started out doing a weekly spread with a to do list on the side.  I liked the way it looked but I was writing everything twice; on my main calendar and on the weekly page. It was getting annoying, so instead of doing weekly, I just did an overall To Do list and I am liking that a lot better


Since I don’t have to worry about space anymore I am able to do random pages of notes, like who all is on my softball teams which nights and who all has paid me!

I also got a bunch of Washi Tape and stickers and fun stuff so I have been experimenting with those! So far I am loving my new journal so much more than my original one!

Tho I don’t know if it actually counts as a journal, its more of a planner / catch all to keep me organized!

Do you use a bullet journal or a planner?  What do you like best about it?  Do you have any suggestions for cool pages? Talk to me!



24 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Try 2 – What I learned

  1. This is all so pretty! and practical! I really like the idea of bujo but I know I’d never keep up with one. I love how you track your read books, the shapes and colors make it look amazing. I hope you have better luck with this one.
    I have a planner where I write my daily tasks every morning, it helps me remind myself what I have to do that day and at night I cross over the tasks I did


    1. Thanks 😊😊 I think that was my problem the first time. I was trying to do too much new stuff. This time I just stuck with what I already was doing and just pulled it into one place. Before my first journal I was doing some of this stuff but it was on a lot of loose leaf paper or in my phone or on my laptop and this just brought it all together!


  2. Thanks for this post. I’ve been using a planner a friend gave me last year but you’re giving me new ideas for my planner next year. Maybe I need to make my own:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! My planner had lots of goal pages and the weekly and monthly made me write things three times! I don’t have time for that!!! I’ll have to keep my eye open!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree! I spend an hour last night looking at page examples on pinterest trying to decide what my next page will be. In the end I didn’t end up adding anything because I have no artistic skills 😂 (and I use a ruler for straight lines) I love making lists too! 😀

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  3. Great update! It’s fun to see the journey people go through when they start bullet journaling. I personally don’t journal– I like my electronic forms! But this is great. What did you learn about page formats and paper type for this second journal? I’m excited to see the next step of your bullet journal journey with washi tape!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 😊 I am on my phone all the time so you would think I could do everything electronically, but for some reason it works so much better for me when I have it written down! I like the size of this journal so much better than my last one!! It just feels more right. The pages are also a little thicker so there isn’t as much bleed through. Also I thought I would like the colored pages but I ended up liking the white better because I can add my own color and don’t have to worry about if the marker will show up or clash!

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  4. Love the new journal! It’s obvious how much you’ve evolved from the first one. Very inspiring! I have a planner that I have used for years, but it doesn’t have space for everything I need to track. Bullet journal might be the answer I’ve been looking for. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 I really like using it! I have always had a notebook that I used for random lists and then just printed calendar pages for a planner, so this combines everything and is fun to do! Godd luck with yours! I hope you enjoy it!


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