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My Very ’90s Romance

My Very ’90s Romance

by Jenny Colgan



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I saw this book on a Stacking The Shelves blog post by Carla @ Carla Loves to read.  (go check out her blog! She reads a TON of books and writes great revies!!)  I was immediately drawn to the cover and the title! I am a 90’s baby and this seemed like a super fun romance that would be perfect for me!  I actually signed up for an Edelweiss account just so I could request this book!

Unfortunately, this book wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped.  The beginning started out great! I it hooked me quickly, I liked the characters, and the pace was good.  After reading the first 50 pages I was thinking it would be at least a 4 star review.  But then the middle was too slow, there were some really weird parts, and the ending was rushed and unfulfilling.

There were little things throughout the book that bugged me.  A lot of them were offhand remarks that were very political but didn’t add any value to the story.  For instance at one point someone said “Oh God you’re not Christian are you?” but then the book doesn’t go into why she would care.  There were lots of little snide remarks about race and religion and politics, that seemed to just be the author’s way of pressing her beliefs on you.  It was annoying and distracted from the story.

The main character started out likable and then fluctuated between normal quirky and creepily obsessive.  She does a lot of things in the book that people just let her do and don’t question it.  In real life people would call her on her BS and not let her get away with stuff.  I know I’m not explaining it right, but its hard without giving away spoilers.

There is a scene in the middle that takes place in a hospital with a television crew and the whole section is sad and incredibly unrealistic.   A hospital would never let those things happen and the lack of empathy from some of the characters was disturbing.  The only worker at the hospital that seemed to care was written as a crazy person who no one liked or listened to.

Then to top it all off, I didn’t really like the ending.  I didn’t mind the final outcome, I just wish the rest of the story had lead up to that point instead of going one direction and suddenly switching at the end.  It wasn’t a plot twist, it was just out of the blue.  I am all for plot twists and direction changes, but usually, when done right, there are tons of hidden clues leading up to it.

While this book did have a lot of problems it wasn’t a completely awful read.  I read it in a single day so it wasn’t terribly long, and there were fun parts.  I really loved some of the side characters, they were quirky and fun (if not a bit cliche and one dimensional).  I wouldn’t tell anyone not to read this book if they think it sounds interesting, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it either.

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** I received a free copy of this from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Edelweiss

29 thoughts on “My Very ’90s Romance

  1. Oh no, it looked interesting based on the cover. But after reading your review, I’m not sure I want to read it. Hope your next read’s better! ❤

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  2. I saw it was a Jenny Colgan book and got excited, but then I read your review and now I’m sad haha
    That’s too bad. It seems like she was trying to get out of her genre a bit and didn’t really succeed. Great review!

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    1. I was reading other people’s reviews after I wrote mine and a lot of people said they had been excited because they really liked Jenny Colgan but that this one didn’t meet her normal standards. I had never heard of her before, but for people that knew her work that seemed to be the general consensus.


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  3. Oh no, I hate it when a book starts off good but then becomes a HUGE disappointment – all that time reading wasted away! Sorry this didn’t turn out to be better, but sounds like this one is one heck of a mess to read despite a strong beginning.


    1. At least it was a quick read so I didn’t waste too much time!! Reading other peoples reviews who really like this author said they didn’t like this book, but based on the beginning of the book I can see why her other books might be really good!


  4. It’s so weird to me that there are books set in the “retro” 90s and documentaries and the like… That doesn’t seem so long ago! XD

    I’m sorry this book didn’t quite work out for you. It’s neat that you were able to get an Edelweiss account AND receive the book you joined up for, though. That’s awesome! Will you continue to use Edelweiss?

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    1. Haha it really doesn’t! And I am not exactly sure how the romance was 90s anyway there wasn’t a lot of nostalgia in the book.

      I might a little bit, but I don’t like requesting too many books in case I am not in the mood to read them. I have used NetGalley a decent amount but for the most part I only request books that are “read now” when I know I want to actually read them, that way my feedback ratio is 100%

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