September Wrap up


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Not a great month book-wise.  Only 5 books.  And one of them was a Graphic Novel.  Plus, I didn’t end up reading any of the books on my tentative September TBR.  But I liked most of the books I read, so that is good!


  • The 16th was my Birthday!! I turned 27!
  • I got to go to Great American Beer Fest which was a lot of fun!
  • My ex is mostly moved out, and the split has been super civil and I am doing surprisingly good!

Around the Blogosphere:

Here are some really cool posts I found this month!

  • Buried about halfway down the post, Rylee @ Hermit Odysseus included a picture of her super ridiculously awesome Harry Potter quilt.  She made it all by herself using the template from Fandom In Stitches!  Go check it out, it is really cool!! I am going to try make one for myself, but first I need to get a sewing machine, so don’t expect anything any time soon!
  • I cheated this month and did a post earlier where I called out some cool posts, so check them out here.

My Posts:


Tentative TBR:

I really really really need to read Shift because the author gave it to me back in June!! And I need to read My Very ’90s Romance because I got it as an ARC from Edelweiss.  The rest are just ones that I will probably get to based off of what I have read recently.


  • Halloween!!! I am so excited!
  • I am going to Vegas for a Softball tournament, which I am also excited for!

Did you have a good September? What books did you read? I hope you have a great October!!

26 thoughts on “September Wrap up

  1. You are going to Vegas???? How cool! We went twice when we visited the US. I confess it’s not my favorite town but it’s kind of a “must see” with all the crazy hotels. I loved The Bellagio and its Dale Chihuly ceiling though. Have fun there Brittany and enjoy your reads.

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    1. I am! I live a lot closer to Vegas tho. Its about 1.5 hour plane ride or a 12 hour drive. I have been there 5 times but 4 of the trips were for a softball tournament. My team does one out of state tournament each year and its Vegas 😂 😂


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