OwlCrate August 2018 Unboxing


Ruthless Royals


  • Pocket Mirror inspired by The Belles by Catarina Book Designs
  • Genuine Agate ring from GeoCentral
  • Magnetic Bookmarks by Craftedvan
  • Book Tin inspired by The Cruel Prince by Stella Bookish Art
  • Tea Towel inspired by Throne of Glass series by Little Inklings Design
  • Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

I love the look of the tea towel and I like the quote well enough.  I feel like the quote print is more of an advertisement then a print, but the quote is nice.

These bookmarks are super adorable!!! I love this type of art!

I like the little bag more than the mirror, but I don’t use pocket mirrors.  I will probably give it to my sister.

I like this cover a LOT better than the original cover, and I am excited to read this book.  It was on my TBR before! We also got this nice note from the author!

I really like this tin!!! I love that it has 3 different quotes instead of the same quote repeated 3 times! I am going to use it to store all my bookish pins.  Since the pictures are hard to read, here are the quotes:

  • I like for things to happen … stories to unfold. And If I can’t find a good enough story I make one.
  • I am a mere mortal and you are a prince of faerie. You have much to lose and I have nothing.
  • Sharpen your blade. Harden your heart.

Last we have the Agate ring, and I am PISSED about it.  The one I got is UGLY! I don’t do browns and its huge and I would never wear it.  I wouldn’t have thought twice about it but then I saw everyone else’s rings and they are all really pretty.  The are some GORGEOUS blues and purples and even some pinks I really like! I would have been happy with any color except brown!!! So now I am really sad I got a brown one 😦

What color ring did you get? What is your favorite item from this box? Let me know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “OwlCrate August 2018 Unboxing

  1. I love the Crafted Van bookmarks! Bookmarks are always a win for me. They tend to be good quality to. Grace and Fury was actually in the July Fairyloot- so I skipped Owlcrate again and I actually like this version better!

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    1. I am really bad at using bookmarks but I will be giving these ones a try!! That stinks that both boxes have the same book because I know there are people that do both!! I really like the OwlCrate cover!!


  2. Oh My Gosh. I did not realize all the rings were different!!! Mine is green and I love it because it matches perfectly with my Emerald. I am so sorry… Not a fan of that brown one either! I love how you are using the tin! I don’t know if all my bookish pins will fit in there but I am going to try. They are randomly spread throughout bookshelves at the moment. I am excited for next month!

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