Opinions? Blog Aesthetics

So the WordPress theme I was running previously was called Editor and I really liked it.  But it had one huge glaring problem:  The widgets were located in a weird place.  This made it difficult to follow my blog if you didn’t have a wordpress account.

So I am going to be trying out some new themes!

Here is the old theme:



I have spent hours looking at different blog themes and I am not loving any of them.

What I really want is my old theme but with a follow and search options below the twitter and instagram buttons.  But that isn’t an option.

What do you think of this new theme? Is it too generic? Let me know what you like and don’t like about it! Please! I won’t get offended I honestly want your opinion because I can’t decide if I like it or not!

42 thoughts on “Opinions? Blog Aesthetics

  1. Are you on a Premium account? if so, contact WordPress. There is a chat option where you can ask someone how to make adjustments to your current theme. A lot of the time, small stuff like where things are located or the size of thumbnail, etc can be adjusted with CSS. I don’t know the first thing about CSS so I have asked them a couple of times how to get it worked out. Like the social media links on my header? My theme wants them to be dead center in the photo which bugged the crap out of me so I got with them to move it to the side.

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    1. I do have a premium account but my old layout wasn’t a premium layout, so it didn’t have the css option when I was customizing it. But that is good to know if there is anything I want to tweak with my current theme! I think it had the CSS option haha.


  2. I like it! I’m usually reading on mobile and it looks nice and clean. I totally get wanting to tweak things to how you want them though. I promised myself I’m going to revamp the look of mine next year and may even get a different theme myself.

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    1. I didn’t even think to check and see what it looked like on mobile! Thats good to know thanks! I was going to tweak it right after my 1 year blogaviersary last month, but I was working on getting a new header pic made. But that fell through and I didn’t want to wait anymore haha

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      1. Yeah, I plan on doing my revamp around my one year after my relaunch. I have a friend who is a great artist and was thinking about commissioning some graphics from her but idk. Lol
        Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary!

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  3. I like it. I’m a fan of clean and simple, which is in no way boring. The background color is lovely. I keep thinking I’m going to change my theme as well, but I’m really picky, and despite the thousands of free options, it’s hard to find something that feels right. You’ve made a great choice!

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    1. Thank You! 😊😊 I am super picky too! I wish that there was a little more leeway when customizing the themes so you can make them exactly how you want them! As they are now I couldn’t find a perfect one, each one had pros and cons

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      1. Exactly! You’d think with thousands of options, there would be a handful that fit your needs and tastes, and the issue would be choosing between them, not finding just ONE that has all the features you’re looking for. 😉

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  4. I really like this one! I’m a big fan of simple and clean. I don’t think it’s boring or too simple. Sometimes… I think of changing mine around but I just like the simplicity.

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      1. Haha, thanks! I don’t remember what mine is called.. hold on.. it’s Hemingway Rewritten. I don’t know if it’s still available. I wouldn’t care if we were twins 😁

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      2. Thanks 🙂 I went and just tried it out and I do like it. It is very similar in the layout to my new one, it just the header and color placement options that differ 😊 Thanks for the offer tho! That is super sweet of you 😊😊


  5. I will be in the minority here…have you tried Button theme? I know it works on and is frankly lovely without too much frill if you like simple.

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