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Friday Face-Off: Starry Sky

This is a weekly meme originally created by Books by Proxy, but now run by Lynn’s Book Blog.

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.”

This weeks theme: A cover featuring a starry sky.

My Choice: The Night Circus


Doubleday 2011 | Anchor 2012 | Random House 2012 | Vintage 2011
Planeta internacional 2012 | Vintage Classics 2016 | De Bezige Bij 2011 | Vintage 2012
Vintage Classics 2014 | Mizan Fantasi 2013 | Ikar 2012 | Ikar 2012 (2)
Alma littera 2012 | АСТ 2013 | ایران‌بان 2012 | წიგნები ბათუმში 2018
זמורה ביתן 2012 | АСТ 2015 | Hayakawa Publishing 2012 | 문학동네 2013

This is a really great book, but I don’t suggest listening to it on Audiobook! Jim Dale is a great narrator but the book skips around in time a lot and I was unable to follow along through the audiobook and was often confused!

Least Favorite:

Planeta internacional 2012 | Ikar 2012 | წიგნები ბათუმში 2018

I don’t like the art style of the First one.  The Second one is kind of trippy, and the Third looks like a sea shell.


Random House 2012 | Vintage Classics 2016 | De Bezige Bij 2011 | Hayakawa Publishing 2012

This one was super tough! There are a lot of covers I really like!  I am particularly drawn to the last one because it is the prettiest cover, but I think the cover being black and white with a little red is super important to the story!



If I didn’t know anything about the book I would probably choose Hayakawa Publishing 2012, but I have read the story and it doesn’t make sense for the cover to be anything other than Black, White, and Red.  So this one has to be the winner!

Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!

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