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Rat Queens Vol. 1

Rat Queens Vol. 1

Sass & Sorcery



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My biggest issue with this graphic novel is that the cool lizard/dragon thing on the cover is not in the book!!! I want to see the Queens fight that thing!

Anyway, this is a fun graphic novel.  It was fast paced and I really like the characters.  They are all super different and I liked that they all weren’t pretty girls.  They are all different shapes and sizes, which is really cool.  Tho one of them is really small and childish, but she is a full adult and super sexual which can get a little bit weird because its easy to forget she is not a child.

This graphic novel had a really cool Dungeons and Dragons feel to it.  The Rat Queens are a questing team and they fight trolls and do all sorts of other cool things!  The unique skills of each of the girls makes them a great team!

I will definitely be buying the second volume!

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