Disney Princesses & the Zombie Apocalypse Tag

I saw this tag over at Book Beach Bunny.  Book Beach Bunny took an existing Zombie Tag and mixed it up with Disney Princesses.  She listed all the princesses she could think of and then randomly pulled names for each category.

I am going to mix it up a little more and only use the 11 official Disney Princesses. I am also going to create my dream team by choosing who goes into each spot and then I am also going to randomize it and see how screwed I would be!

Category Dream Team Actual Team
First Princess to Die Aurora Ariel
First Princess I’d Trip Snow White Mulan
The Princess that Would Trip Me Jasmine Jasmine
Second Princess to Die Cinderella Snow White
Team Idiot Ariel Rapunzel
Group Brains Belle Pocahontas
Team Medic Tiana Cinderella
Teams Weapon Expert Rapunzel Aurora
The Brawler Merida Tiana
Team Leader Mulan Merida
Lone Wolf Pocahontas Belle

Apparently the universe and I agree that Jasmine is going to be the bastard that trips me

I usually think of Aurora as super weak but I guess that I could see her coming up with some pretty badass weapons based on spinning wheels?

Overall I might survive haha.  Its not ideal but not horrible.  Especially if the princesses turned out to be Jedi!!


Source: Shenanigan Cosplay

Who would your dream team be? Do you think I could survive with my actual team? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Disney Princesses & the Zombie Apocalypse Tag

  1. Aw! Rapunzel as Team Idiot 😦 Definitely have to do something about that hair though to easy for a zombie to grab her! Overall I think the Princesses could actually make a go of it!
    If Disney’s looking for any ideas for their next movie they should start here 🙂

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    1. I know! She defiantly is not an idiot! I had just assumed this was post getting her hair cut off but if she still had it long then she would be best as team Medic! I didn’t even think of that before! 😂 I would totally watch a princess zombie movie!!


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