Friday Face-Off

Friday Face-Off: Windswept

This is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, but kept up by Lynn’s Book Blog.

“The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow.”

This weeks theme: A cover that is windswept.

My Choice: The Name of the Wind


Penguin Group DAW 2007 | Daw 2007 | Plaza & Janés 2009 | DAW Books, Inc 2008
Gollancz 2008 | DAW 2017 | Boekerij 2007 | İthaki Yayınları 20011
Gailivro/ ASA 2008 | Klett-Cotta 2008 | Gollancz 2011 | Fanucci 2008
Tyto Alba 2011 | Bragelonne 2009 | Gabo 2009 | Gollancz 2017
Mondadori 2016 | Laguna 2011 | Прозорец 2010 | Rebis 2008
Эксмо 2010 | انتشارات بهنام 2016 | წიგნები ბათუმში 2016 | Kirjava 2010
Fanucci 2015 | Zvaigzne ABC 2013 | RM-Buch-und-Medien-Vertrieb 2009 | Rebis 2017
ЭКСМО 2015 | Gailivro 2009 | 江西教育出版社 2012 | Эксмо 2011

Least Favorites:

It was actually hard to pick my least favorite because there were a lot that I didn’t really like but none that I flat out hated.


This is a first for Friday Face-Off for me.  I don’t have an English Cover in my favorites.  Even if I were to pick my top 10 favorites only one of them would be in English.  This is the first time I have hands down liked the foreign covers way better!



I really like that this one looks like it was painted!

Which is your favorite? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know in the comments!!

19 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off: Windswept

  1. Oh my goodness – I had no idea there were so many different covers for The Name of the Wind – though I suppose I should have realised, given how successful it is. Your choice is certainly very pretty – but I’ve given my heart to the cover of the book that we own and I actually read, which is the Gollancz 2008 version. Lovely to have you joining in the Friday Faceoff fun, Britteny:)

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    1. I didn’t really like 1, but I like 4 and 18! Thats a good point I am not entirely sure I have read this one yet, and if I did then I don’t remember what it was about haha. So I was going purely on looks and not it being related to the story.

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  2. I wanted to choose this as well, but then I realized I had already used this book on another Friday Face Off, but great choice! There are SO many covers. I still love the Daw 2007 which is the edition I own:-)

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  3. Wow, these covers are so different. What country is the one you selected from? I like the last one in the top row, the blue one. It really caught my eye. Great post Brittany.

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  4. Hmm, I don’t have a clear favorite this week, as there are many that are pretty good. I know which ones I wouldn’t choose though. I’ve never really liked the edition I have, which is the original US cover. And I also think the 10th anniversary edition is so creepy!

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  5. Such a lot of covers for this book – easy to see how popular it is. I actually like your choice, it’s the one that appealed to me the most on my initial scroll through. I like the colours and the feel of it.
    Lynn 😀

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