Denver Comic Con – Part 2 – Cosplay

If you missed Part 1 – Books you can find it here!

I didn’t dress up for Comic Con, but there were tons of awesome costumes!!! I am going to try and create a costume for next year! But in the meantime here are some of the best ones I saw. (The blonde boy in the pics with the Star Wars Characters is my little Brother)

Have you ever cosplayed? If so what did you dress up as? If not what would you dress up as?  I want to do wolverine!

20 thoughts on “Denver Comic Con – Part 2 – Cosplay

  1. I love Belle and the Beast! He looks so grumpy, like “why am I doing here???” I look forward to seeing your costume! Will you be in fur? I have cosplayed as Japanese school girls, my friends and I wore the plaid mini-skirt uniform. It was pretty lame. Wolverine is so much cooler.

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    1. He does look so grumpy! I will be doing Wolverine the superhero not wolverine the animal so there probably won’t be any fur. If I can figure it out I want to do his yellow and blue X-men uniform, but I have a couple different options! As long as you guys had fun it isn’t lame!!!!

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  2. Looks like fun! I always figured I’d just do Harley or Dany from Thrones back when she was with the Dohtraki in season one or the dresses in season 2 because I really liked those looks 🙂 If I had any talent for it I’d love to do Gert from I Hate Fairyland!

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    1. I did Harley one your for Halloween so I guess I could have done that for Comic Con! Two years ago there was a ton of Harleys since Suicide Squad had just come out, but there weren’t that many this year!


  3. I loved seeing all these photos from this year! i saw so many on my instagram feed there were a few comic book artists out there I would’ve loved to see. I’m going to be dressing up as a wood nymph for my blog this halloween so i’m super excited about that I am trying to go all out Face Off. I love the lady angel and that Hogwarts train was a great idea.

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