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Wildcard (HP Week Day 6!)

Welcome to Harry Potter Week!!!!

June 26th marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter being released in the US!!!!! (its the 21st anniversary in the UK) To celebrate, Weird Zeal created a week long Harry Potter event! Each day there will be a different post to participate in! Check out Weird Zeal’s list of all the posts! I will probably not be participating in all of them, but I am looking forward to participating in some!

Friday Face-Off

For the Wildcard post I decided to do a Friday Face-off type post and compare all the covers for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Yes I know its not Friday, but that is the name of the meme where you compare covers :p )

Bloomsbury 1997 | Scholastic 1998 | Bloomsbury 2015 | Pottermore 2015
Bloomsbury 2014 | Bloomsbury 2004 | Bloomsbury 2013 | Arthur A. Levine Books 2001
Scholastic 2013 | Bloomsbury 2010 | Salamandra 2015 | De Harmonie 2000
Gallimard Jeunesse 2007 | Tammi 2008 | کتابسرای تندیس 2013 | Tiden 1999
Gallimard Jeunesse 2011 |  Bloomsburry 1998 | Albatros 2000 | Salamandra 2001
Bloomsbury 2017 Hardcover – Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff | Slytherin
Bloomsbury 2017 Paperback – Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff | Slytherin
Gyldendal 1999 | 静山社 2003 | А-БА-БА-ГА-ЛА-МА-ГА 2002 | Bloomsbury 2015
Scholastic 2000 | Círculo de Lectores 1999 | Arthur 2015 | De Harmonie 2011
Carlsen 2013 | Pottermore 2015 | Editorial Presença 1999 | An Amzer 2012
Albatros 2001 | Carlsen 2000 | Salani 1998 | Carlsen 2005
موسسه فرهنگی و هنری آدینده نگار | Rocco 2012 | Gallimard Jeunesse 2012| Esperanto 2004
trabe 2009 | Ueberreuter 2007 | Buybook 2011 | Pottermore 2013
Bloomsbury 2018 | Qanun Nəşriyyatı 2011 | Carlsen 2018 | Arthur A. Levine 2018
Carlsen 2018 | Մեդիանեթ 2004 | Gramedia Pustaka 2017 | Unknown
Kitabhana 2012 | Per Noste 2009 | Rocco Digital | Росмэн 2008
Gyldendal 2012 | Empuries 2000 | Bloomsbury 2013 | Carlsen 2016
Pottermore 2016 | CreateSpace 2015 | Hörverlag 2008 | Народна књига 2004

That is 72 different editions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Usually for Friday Face off I would list my 2-4 least favorite, my 2-4 favorite, and then pick an overall favorite. But there are too many great covers!!!! I tried to narrow it down to my favorites and ended up with 30 covers I really liked! That wasn’t going to cut it so I did a cover battle and narrowed it down that way:


Here are my top 3 covers:

My favorite of those three is:


I don’t know what it is about this cover but I love it! I love the simplicity and the colors and its just great!

Which one is your favorite?

19 thoughts on “Wildcard (HP Week Day 6!)

  1. OH DEAR GOD I NEED THEM ALL! I’ve actually decided that when I travel to a new country I’m going to buy the first HP book. And if I go to that country again, I’ll buy the second. And so on and so forth. I really do love the one you chose as the winner. And the Bloomsbury 2015, Arthur 2015, Росмэн 2008, and the Народна књига 2004 because it looks like A Series of Unfortunate Events.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t really like Народна књига 2004 because it did seem to copy A Series of Unfortunate Events but I did think it was funny! I really like all the other ones you like tho!! That is a brilliant idea!! That is a great collectors item from everywhere you have traveled and it would make an awesome HP collection! I want to do that! But I have missed out on all the places I have traveled so far 😦

      I am thinking of buying the French edition that was my favorite overall, but to get it shipped from France would be $30 and idk if I can spend that much on one book 😦 but I really want it!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A series of Unfortunate Events has such a unique cover I am surprised they copied it like that! haha and yup we are on the same page 😀

        Its just so expensive but there are so many cool copies!!!


    1. So many covers! And that is just the first book in the series! There are some weird ones and bad ones and great ones haha. My fav is a french edition (I looked it up after doing the post!)


    1. I won a UK Amazon gift card in a giveaway and I used it to buy the Bloomsbury 2014 box set 😀 They are awesome! If you are in the US it is cheaper to buy them from the UK Amazon sight and pay for shipping then it is to just buy them here!


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