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OwlCrate May Unboxing – Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl


As much as I loved the idea of “Fight like a Girl” I was a little worried that it would be full of pink girly stuff.  I shouldn’t have worried because this month’s box was AWESOME! (and there was no pink!)


We got two books this month!!! Catching Stars by Cayla Keenan and Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young.


The cover of Sky in the Deep is an OwlCrate exclusive! And it is signed! (and of course I forgot to take a picture of the signature!)


I like the OwlCrate version better because I like Silver better than Gold!

This month there were 3 pins:


The book pin is hard to read in the picture but it says “When in doubt go to the library” and it is my favorite item in the box!!

Next was a double sided bookmark:


I love the quotes but they are kind of hard to read on the busy background.

There was a bath bomb:


And a really cool wall hanging:


Finally there was an art print, the spoiler card, and a booklet with extra information:


Here is the other side of the spoiler card with all the information about all the items:


Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Which ones? What was your favorite item this month? Let me know in the comments!!

14 thoughts on “OwlCrate May Unboxing – Fight Like a Girl

    1. Good point! I haven’t read the book yet but I am excited for it! I was mostly just talking about it was my favorite of the bookish items!

      I have no idea what the book will be! (But don’t tell me your guess haha I want to be surprised)


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