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Guys! Guuuuuysss! Guess what I just found?!?!?! You can export your books from Goodreads into an excel file!!!!

I know that might not seem super exciting , but it means that I can easily use excel to come up with reading stats!!!!

I know, I’m a nerd, deal with it!

Basic Stats:

  • Books Read: 475
  • Pages Read: 137,331

I only started tracking books in Goodreads in late 2016.  I went back and added as many books as I could, but I am sure I am missing a lot.  Obviously these are only stats on the books I have entered into Goodreads.

Stats Based on Dates:


DatePubHow many books that I read that were published in each century



How many books I read every year.  Note – I didn’t start keeping track until late 2016 so most books I don’t know when I read them.


Stats based on Publisher



How many books I have read that were published by each company.


Stats based on Ratings



Of the books I rated on goodreads, what rating I gave them.


Avg Rating

The Average goodread ratings of the books I have read.


Stats Based on Titles



The words that appear most in the titles of the books I have read.  I didn’t count small words like “The” or “a”


Stats Based on Series



How many books I have read that were part of a series vs stand alone.



Of the books that are in a series, how many were the first book in the series, or the second book in the series, etc.


That was fun! I love numbers ❤ Haha I was a math major after all.  Do you keep stats of the books you have read? What are your numbers like?


34 thoughts on “Reading Stats

      1. Oh nice! That would be super interesting to look at! Tho I would guess most of my books are written bu American or British authors! I might have to pull those stats!


  1. Great post! I find stats like this so fun! I haven’t exported mine from GR in a long while… hmm… I might want to check that out again! I have no idea what my numbers look like… O_o

    Now that you have all these stats, what do you hope to do with the data?

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    1. Thanks 😀 Haha if you do, let me know what your numbers look like!

      Annnd, probably nothing? Hahah I just like seeing the stats. Maybe in a year I will pull them again and compare them? Do you do anything with your stats?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like to pull my stats at the end of the year and devise reading goals for the next year with them. For example, I am trying to make 5% of everything I read non-fiction. Last year I only read 1% nonfiction! I like using data to drive my goals. #Nerd

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    1. Thanks 😀 I wish it was simple enough to explain on here! You have to use either pivot tables or the count function to separate out the data you want for each graph and then you can create the graph. Google is a great tool for learning excel!


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