Why my niece spent 7 hours in the hospital and what YOU can do to keep this from happening to other babies!

My Niece is 11 months old, and she is amazing. I love her so much and spoil her as often as I can!


I would do anything for her! But yesterday she spent 7 hours in the hospital and there was nothing I could do.  She is fine, and it was just a scare, but it could have been easily prevented.

Last night, while they were out running errands, my niece found a pill on the ground, and like babies tend to do, she put it in her mouth.  My sister was fast and got it out before she swallowed it, but it was in her mouth long enough that all markings had dissolved.  My sister called Poison Control to see if they could identify the pill, and they told her she needed to take my niece to the hospital immediately.

Neither Poison Control nor Children’s hospital could identify the pill.  They thought it was probably Tylenol, but they weren’t sure.  There was a chance it was Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or Heart medication.  If it was any of those, then even the tiniest amount could have huge effects on a small child.  Poison Control told the hospital they needed to keep my niece under observation for 6 hours.

When all was said and done my sister, my brother-in-law, and my niece spent over 7 hours at the hospital.  My niece missed a nap and was super cranky, but otherwise healthy and unaffected.  My sister was exhausted and upset by the whole ordeal but thankful her little baby was okay.

I am glad my niece is okay and I am glad that my sister took her to the hospital and I am glad that they took all the necessary precautions and observed her for 6 hours.  But I am also pissed.  My Sister doesn’t really have the money to pay for hospital visit and my brother-in-law had to leave work (he works on commission) to go to the hospital with them.

This could have been prevented if the person who dropped the pill took 5 seconds to pick it up and throw it away!! I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt, they probably thought it was harmless.  Would you think twice if you dropped some Tylenol on the ground?  I would hope that if someone with Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or Heart medication drops a pill they would take the time to pick it up.  They are probably warned how dangerous they can be.  But it doesn’t matter what type of pill it is! Please pick it up!

If you drop any kind of pill please pick it up! Especially when in a public place! There may be babies or dogs that find it!!  Even if it is Aspirin or Tylenol, it could be poisonous to babies and dogs!  And the parent / owner has no way of knowing what it is their baby just ingested!!

Thank you!


35 thoughts on “Why my niece spent 7 hours in the hospital and what YOU can do to keep this from happening to other babies!

  1. That’s so scary! I’m glad she was fine. Thanks for posting and hopefully raising awareness about the dangers of leaving medication on the ground.

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  2. I am so happy that your niece is okay. I can’t agree with you more. I have found pills on the floor at the Tim Horton’s I go to twice in the last month. I was amazed. I would definitely pick up any pill I dropped, unless I couldn’t find it. Thanks for posting this wonderful reminder. I am going to reblog this as it is an important message.

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  3. Sometimes people who don’t see well or are quite old don’t realize they’re dropped a pill. After someone stays at my house I look carefully because of my cats. It’s such a worry. So sorry this happened to your family but glad the baby is ok!

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    1. I am trying to give whoever dropped it the benefit of the doubt. I am sure they didn’t mean for it to end up in a baby’s mouth, but they probably just didn’t think twice about it or, like you said, didn’t even notice. Thank you!

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  4. That’s terrifying but I’m glad she’s okay! Good reminder to. I was walking to my car the other day and a woman dropped her pills- they were in foil but she didn’t even notice which is probably the case with a lot of people. I handed them to her but everyone should definitely be more careful!

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  5. OMG!! That is terrifying!

    And on top of the 7 hours, I’m sure their hospital bill is going to be crazy. 😦 I’m so sorry they had to go through that all because of a preventable accident.

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  6. This is an excellent post! I’m so glad she was okay and what a cutie. I know this happens quite often and it’s scary. I think it’s all too easy to drop pills and not know it because they’re so tiny and you can’t even hear them hit the ground, and even then they are so hard to see, but the babies find them so easily on the ground level. I’m just so glad she’s okay! ❤ Give her a hug for me and big hugs to you too! Xoxo

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