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Shabby Sunday: Tisha


Shabby Sunday was created by Mischenko @ Read, Rant, Rock & Roll, and is a meme to feature an old book on your bookshelf!  For my first ever Shabby Sunday I am going to spotlight “Tisha” by by Robert Specht:


I got this book from my Great-Grandma and it has an address label with her name and old address inside.  I don’t remember how I ended up with this book.  She probably let us raid her collection one time and I probably just grabbed a couple random books.


It has 1977 and 8ar handwritten on the inside.  I’m guessing 1977 is the year she got it but I don’t have any idea what the 8ar is? Does anybody know?

Inside there was also a newspaper article:


Originally held in the book with a pink heart sticker, the article is about Anne Purdy.  Purdy is the main character of the book, which is a “biographical account of her life in Alaska, written with the collaboration of Robert Specht.” (according to the article)  The article is dated March 27, 1977.


I discovered the article and the address label when I was checking for hidden covers for my Hidden Covers post.  I had no idea they were there!! I never had any desire to read this book, but now that I know my Great-Grandma had taken the care to cut out the an article and put it with the book, I am curious.  I probably won’t get to it anytime soon, but it is now on my TBR!


I wish my Great-Grandma was alive so I can ask her if she read it, and if she had any connection to it, or if she just liked the story.  I have no idea why she had this, or even if she ever read it, and I have no way to find out.  But I am glad I have it.  If nothing else I know we shared a love of books!

10 thoughts on “Shabby Sunday: Tisha

  1. Wow! I love that the article was stored inside the book. That is so cool and 1977! My birth year haha. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of this book, but now I want to read it. Nice copy! I was going to suggest the 8ar could be a price like 8.95 or 895? Hmm. Now you have me guessing. Thanks so much for sharing this and linking up to Shabby Sunday. 💖💜💙

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    1. Thanks! I thought about the price thing. I have seen that before, and the “a” could easily be a “9” that would make sense, but the other letter really doesn’t look like a 5 to me? That is why I thought maybe it was something different? Thanks so much for creating the meme! I love the idea of it!!!

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      1. Yeah, It’s hard to say. I was thinking the ar could also be a reading level like what they use today as far as AR level, but I don’t think they used levels back then? I could totally be wrong though!! 😀

        I’m so glad you like the meme. Thanks again for sharing!! ❤

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      2. According to Wiki AR was created in 1998, so that doesn’t work! But its a good thought! Who knows maybe it was something specific to the place that was selling it, or maybe someone was incredibly lazy writing the price 😀 Thanks!

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  2. My best guess for the 8ar is it is actually a price. Many used book dealers place the price for a book in pencil on the first page of the book. It probably really is 8.95. I loved the post, what a cool story and the history of a book.

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    1. My first thought that it was a price because I have seen that before, but I dismissed that idea because other than the 8 it didn’t look like numbers. The “a” does look like a “9” so that would make sense but I don’t see how the other character would be a 5? Though Mischenko, you, and my friend Phil all think it is 8 95 so I am outvoted! That is what it probably is haha. Thanks! 😀


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