The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards

The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards are exactly what they sound like! Hosted by Write Through The Night, the awards are specifically for Book Blogs.  Going on now till the 30th is the nomination phase.  The top four bloggers nominated for each category will move on to the voting phase starting May 13th and ending May 20th! If you want to nominate anyone or just see all the cool blogs nominated, go check out the Rules and Categories!

Now for my nominations!!!


  • Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)
  • Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)
  • Best Book Blogger from an Underrepresented/Minority Group





This was harder than I expected! Pretty much I went through my most visited blogs and tried to find a category for them! I am awful at making decisions tho so I can’t pick a best overall book blogger!  If I missed anyone I am super sorry!

P.S. If you are participating and are having trouble finding a new blogger I found over 20 that I follow and I can send you the list!

36 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards

  1. Thank you! I have never doubted why you keep getting nominated for the Sunshine blogger award! You’re awesome! Also thank you for all the new blogs to read!

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  2. First thank you for the nomination! Second I will go through your list this week.
    Third I am interested in your 20 blogs list! So you can hit me with it 😉

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  3. Wow, this is so cool! I think the awards are incredible and can’t wait to go through and check out some new blogs. I would’ve never thought that someone would nominate me. Thank you. Much love. 😍❤😁

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