First Impression Friday – Godsgrave

Hey all! This is a new meme created by J.W. Martin.  In his own words here is what the meme is:


I LOVE this idea for a meme! Its super awesome!! But my only issue is that I try to only post once a day and I also LOVE the Friday Face-Off meme.  I don’t know if I want to do both?! I don’t know if I have time to do both?! But I want to do both?! So for now I will do both, and see how it goes!!!!  Maybe I can do this one an Saturdays in the future? (Friday Face-Off is themed weekly so it makes the most sense to keep that one on Friday) But, like I said, we will see how it goes! (Also I don’t start a new book every week so that could influence it) (But I love this meme idea!) (How many after-thoughts can I put in parenthesis before it gets weird?) (Is 5 to many?)(Probably!)

Anyway. Here is the book I just started:


by Jay Kristoff


I am on page 70 of 437.  I am 16% of the way through.  So far I am liking it, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

chow yun fat yes GIF-downsized_large

Just like in Nevernight there are lots of footnotes, which I like, but they are longer in this book and it feels a little like the author got good feedback on them and is now overdoing it a little in Godsgrave.

No Way Shut Up GIF by THE NEXT STEP-downsized_large.gif

At the beginning of Nevernight you had two stories told in tandem; jumping back and fourth between the two.  But it was fairly short and only lasted about a chapter.  Godsgrave starts out the same way, but 70 pages in the two stories are still alternating.  It is driving me nuts! I didn’t mind it in Nevernight because the stories were told with overlapping but opposite actions (its hard to explain you have to read it), and it was really cool!  But in Godsgrave they are unrelated to each other.  I didn’t mind it at first but as I get pulled farther into the stories it is becoming annoying.  I have to switch mindsets every time it switches and I have to remember what was happening in the other story.  Its like reading two books where I switch every time something exciting is about to happen.  Its getting really frustrating!

Annoying Rant GIF by @SummerBreak-downsized_large

Despite all that, I am still really excited and still have high hopes! I loved Nevernight and so far I am loving both stories in Godsgrave!  I can’t wait to find out what happens! But I hope this formatting doesn’t continue the whole story! (Tho I fear it will)

kimmy schmidt good luck GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-downsized_large



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