Blackout Poetry

Warning: I am not an artist and I am not a poet!

But I like doing artsy things and I love books! I have been seeing tons of blackout poetry examples on Pinterest and they look really cool! So I decided to give it a try!


I am pretty proud of the results!!! Here are the close ups:

This is my overall favorite!



This was the first one I tried:





This one is my favorite poem


This one was a close second for my favorite!


The book I took the pages from was about war, so that is why a lot of my poems ended up being darker.  The words I had to choose from weren’t particularly happy.

What do you think of my Blackout Poetry? Which is your favorite? Have you tried it before?

12 thoughts on “Blackout Poetry

  1. They’re great – I love the way you’ve filled the pages. I have heard of this before on another blog I follow – it’s really simple and yet effective. I like the idea of finding something, a tiny story, hidden within the pages of another story.
    Lynn 😀

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