TBR Big Haul Clean Out (AKA Down The TBR Hole #3)

For those of you that don’t know what this meme is, check out Down The TBR Hole #1.

Since Jan 31st I have added 30 books to my TBR, bringing the total to 152.  That is a bit ridiculous, and I am never going to read all those books.


I am going to attempt to do a big haul clean out and see how many I can remove.  So without further ado and no explanation here are the ones I removed:

Honestly that was easier than I thought.  I was brutal.  I thought to myself “would I pay money to read this right now” and if the answer was even a little iffy then the book got axed.  If there was anything in the synopsis that even slightly made me question if I would like it, it got the thrown out.


Ok I may talk some big game but I actually only got rid of 49 books.  Better than the 15 total I did in my first two posts!  Its a great start but I still have 103 left on my list.

Is your TBR out of control? Have you read any of the ones I got rid of? Do you actually read books from your TBR?


12 thoughts on “TBR Big Haul Clean Out (AKA Down The TBR Hole #3)

    1. Shhhh 🤫 Scottish Romance Novels are my guilty pleasure. 😂 That one happens to be a sequel and the first book is still on my TBR 🤫 Don’t tell anyone!

      I am sure I dumped a lot of fantastic books haha, but I will go re-read it an reconsider 🙃

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  1. At one point, I reorganized my bookshelves to have all the books I have read together and all the unread together, and I was ashamed at how many unread books I owned. And naturally I did this after purchasing 4 more books.

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    1. Oh man, I couldn’t imagine going through my physical books, I probably have read a fourth of the ones I own, if that. But I have acquired all of my moms and sisters old books which they were just going to donate to goodwill. I am working on creating a “library” so I haven’t worried about reading all the books I own!

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