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Let’s take another trip down memory lane with “Kiss, Marry, Kill” (or cliff is the slightly less morbid version) Yesterday I played M.A.S.H and today I get to play “Kiss, Marry, Kill” Both were games we used to pass the time with when I was a kid and I love the bookish versions of both!

I first saw this game at Living the Caffeinated Bookworm Life and absolutely loved it! More recently I have seen it going around as a tag created by PerformingBookFelf.  Anyway, I have seen a lot of other people do it, including Cat on the Bookshelf, and The Orangutan Librarian!

These are the rules:

  • Put names of characters, written on separate pieces of papers, in an empty jar or a pen holder.
  • Shake the jar.
  • Pull out three pieces of paper in each round and tell us which character you would kiss, marry, or cliff!

Instead of writing the names down and getting a jar, I just made a list, numbered it and then used a random number generator to pick my rounds.

I listed 45 characters but am only going to do 10 rounds (so 15 of the characters won’t get featured.) I tried to do roughly 2/3 rds characters I liked and 1/3 rd characters I didn’t.  Here is my full list:

# Character Book Round
1 Draxen Daughter of the Pirate King
2 Riden Daughter of the Pirate King
3 Four Divergent
4 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
5 Brom Eragon
6 Eragon Eragon
7 Newt Scamander Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Round 2
8 Joffery Baratheon Game of Thrones Round 3
9 Jon Snow Game of Thrones Round 4
10 Khal Drogo Game of Thrones Round 8
11 Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones Round 5
12 Draco Malfoy Harry Potter
13 Harry Potter Harry Potter
14 Remus Lupin Harry Potter Round 4
15 Snape Harry Potter Round 1
16 Nate Heroine Complex Round 5
17 Aragorn Lord of the Rings Round 3
18 Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings Round 7
19 Legolas Lord of the Rings Round 8
20 Charles Bingley Pride and Prejudice
21 Fitzwilliam Darcy Pride and Prejudice Round 10
22 George Wickham Pride and Prejudice
23 Sorrento Ready Player One Round 9
24 Wade Watts Ready Player One Round 2
25 Prince John Robin Hood Round 2
26 Robin Hood Robin Hood Round 1
27 Sheriff of Nottingham Robin Hood Round 5
28 Marko Saga Round 10
29 Prince Robot IV Saga Round 4
30 The Will Saga Round 6
31 Cardan The Cruel Prince Round 7
32 Aaron The Fire’s Stone Round 6
33 Darvish The Fire’s Stone Round 9
34 Arthur Dent The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Round 3
35 Gale Hawthorne The Hunger Games Round 1
36 Peeta Mellark The Hunger Games Round 10
37 Han Solo The Paradise Snare
38 Dorian Gray The Picture of Dorian Gray
39 Count Rugen The Princess Bride Round 9
40 Inigo Montoya The Princess Bride
41 Prince Humperdinck The Princess Bride
42 Westley The Princess Bride Round 7
43 Edward Cullen Twilight Round 8
44 Jacob Black Twilight
45 the Dragon Uprooted Round 6

Round 1: Snape, Robin Hood, Gale Hawthorne

A nice easy one to start with!

  • Kiss – Gale
  • Marry – Robin Hood
  • Cliff – Snape

Round 2: Newt Scamander, Wade Watts, Prince John

Tough Choice to Marry Newt or Wade but Newt wins because he is just so quirky and adorable

  • Kiss – Wade Watts
  • Marry – Newt Scamander
  • Cliff – Prince John

Round 3: Joffery Baratheon, Aragorn, Arthur Dent

Another super easy one!

  • Kiss – Arthur Dent
  • Marry – Aragorn
  • Cliff – Joffery Baratheon

Round 4: Jon Snow, Remus Lupin, Prince Robot IV

This was tough but I think Remis would make a much better husband than Jon Snow.

  • Kiss – Jon Snow
  • Marry – Remis Lupin
  • Cliff – Prince Robot IV

Round 5: Tyrion Lannister, Nate, Sheriff of Nottingham

Again super easy!

  • Kiss – Tyrion Lannister
  • Marry – Nate
  • Cliff – Sheriff of Nottingham

Round 6: The Will, Aaron, the Dragon

I don’t want to kill any of them!!!! I love them all! But The Will is a mercenary so he probably deserves it most 😦

  • Kiss – Aaron
  • Marry – the Dragon
  • Cliff – The Will

Round 7: Frodo Baggins, Cardan, Westley

I don’t want to kill any of these either! I guess I will have to go with Cardan because he is the most evil.

  • Kiss – Frodo Baggins
  • Marry – Westley
  • Cliff – Cardan

Round 8: Khal Drogo, Legolas, Edward Cullen

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey

  • Kiss – Kahl Drogo
  • Marry – Legolas
  • Cliff – Edward Cullen

Round 9: Sorrento, Darvish, Count Rugen

This is the first one I have wanted to “Cliff” two characters! I guess I will have to kiss Count Rugen *shudders*

  • Kiss – Count Rugen
  • Marry – Darvish
  • Cliff – Sorrento

Round 10: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Marko, Peeta Mellark

Noooooo! This is by far the hardest.  All three of these are such amazing men. RIP Marko 😥

  • Kiss – Peeta Mellark
  • Marry – Fitzwilliam Darcy
  • Cliff – Marko

21 thoughts on “Kiss, Marry, Ciff Tag

  1. Wow, some of those are sooo hard, I am not sure I could decide!
    There are so many characters I want to kiss, marry and cliff at the same time it’s a bit disturbing :/
    But I had a lot of fun reading your responses 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahaha I know, and you are right about choosing the one you want to kiss more for marriage and killing two birds with one stone, great logic there 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is the coolest! I think we had pretty much the same answers. I would totally marry Aragorn and Westley, no questions asked, lol! 😀 This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing it. Awesome pics too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can’t just tell me that without telling me which ones!!! I am waaaay to nosy for that haha. I love Saga and its characters are so great! My friend pointed out that I “Cliffed” all the Saga characters which make me sad ;'( haha

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I would have married Khal Drogo, Tyrion (if I could work around his family), and Peeta. To be fair, I don’t know who Legolas and the characters Tyrion was placed against. I also understand your reasoning for marrying Remus instead of Jon Snow. I was surprised that you cliffed all of them too, especially Marko.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Legolas is an elf from Lord of the Rings, and I love Elves haha. But Khal Drogo was close behind him. Tyrion was placed against Nate from Heroine Complex who is one of my favorite love interests of all times (he is perfect!) Plus I need a man who is taller than me 😂 I didn’t want to cliff marko! 😥 But Darcy is my favorite (Pride and Prejudice is my favorite haha) so I had to choose who to cliff between Peeta and Marko. And Peeta is just to innocent I couldn’t do that to him 😂

    Thanks for responding! Its fun to see what other people would have chosen!


  5. hehe I agree with you on round one (though I’d have found cliffing snape harder 😉 ) Round 3 is so easy!! Yeah you’re probably right about Remus vs Jon. And agree about round 8! And of course you had to marry Wesley and Mr Darcy 😉 Awesome answers!

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