Lit-Cube February Reveal!

This month’s theme is:

New Orleans

When I got this box I was a little worried about how small it was (scissors for size reference)


But it was packed very full:


First up was a Praline candy thing.  I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds good.



Next was a drawstring backpack.  I own so many of these and I don’t need anymore, but I love the fabric! Its got great texture!


Next was this super awesome book-holder-opener-thingy. (Thats the technical name) Since I have gotten it I have only read hardcover books and while it works, I think it would work better with paperbacks.


Then we had some Bubble Salt.  It feels cool, but I still need to use the bath bomb I got last month.  (I don’t take a lot of baths)


Last but not least, this months book is The Feathered Bone.  I probably won’t read this.  It sounds like it will be a thriller or depressing or both.  There are too many other books I want to read that I don’t think I will get to this one.



Even though the box was small and I don’t like the book, I still liked the box.  The book-holder-opener-thingy is super cool!


I was disappointed that there wasn’t a sticker again.  This is the second box in a row that didn’t have a sticker.  The first passport themed box had a sticker and a note saying to save all the stickers because one of the boxes will contain a “passport” for you to put them all.  I really liked the idea and the collector in me was excited to have been there from the beginning so I could collect them all.

Last month when I asked for a replacement book, I also asked about the sticker and they said they were just too busy and didn’t get around to adding it.  I have been thinking of switching boxes (I love the goodies in this one but I want more YA books) but the idea of collecting all the stickers was one of the reasons I was sticking with it.  But now that they aren’t doing the stickers, maybe its time for a change?  I don’t know what to do!  I will see what next month’s box contains and then maybe make a decision?



If you are interested in subscribing to this box, use this link to get 15% off your first box! (I get $10 off my next box if you use it!)

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