Bloody Pirates!

If you have read my last few posts you may have noticed I am on a bit of a pirate kick right now.

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I may or may not have binge watched all five Pirates of the Caribbean movies …

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Pirates of the Caribbean

The Curse of the Black Pearl


This is by far the best one.  The originals usually are!

Dead Man’s Chest


This one is ok.  The first time I watched it I didn’t like the creepy sea creature men, but I have gotten used to them.

At World’s End


This one is awesome! I love it when Elizabeth turns into a bad-ass pirate and then becomes Pirate King.

But the ending scene after the credits ruins everything! She just gives it all up to guard Will’s heart and live on land? Why doesn’t she continue being a Pirate lord?  Also why is she not allowed on The Flying Dutchman?  Will went on it when he wasn’t part of the crew?  Even if she isn’t allowed on his ship, he can go on other ships.  And if Elizabeth is a pirate lord than she should have plenty of ships.  Why can’t they just hang out at sea?!?!

On Stranger Tides


I really like Penélope Cruz’s character Angelica.  She is bad-ass and I love female pirates! I also really liked the romance between the mermaid and the church guy.  I know it was a random side story but its one of the best parts of the movie.  Also Blackbeard is my favorite villain in any of the movies.  For one, he looks normal and really cool.  He doesn’t turn into a skeleton or have creepy tentacles.  Another is his powers are super cool with the ability to control the ship.

Dead Men Tell No Tales


I really like the two new characters Henry and Carina.  Their chemistry is great and I love that Henry is Will and Elizabeth’s son.  It is a great way to keep the series going but with a new story line.  Also how in the world has Johnny Depp managed to look the same age in all the movies?!?! It must be magic.

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Do you like pirates? What is your favorite Pirate book/movie/tv show/etc?!?!  I need more pirate stuff in my life right now!! Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Bloody Pirates!

  1. I really liked Dead Men Tell No Tales, except for Elizabeth’s parentage, it weird and like they were really trying to keep things in the family if that makes sense. But I’m with you, I LOVE all the pirates movies.

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