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One Con Glory Group Review Part 2/4: Brittany’s Review

If you missed Part 1 (The introduction) of this group review you can check it out here.

Part 2 is my review and Phil’s review will be part 3!  I believe he has already written his review so I should be able to get it posted tomorrow!

One Con Glory

by Sarah Kuhn

***** (5 out of 5)



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The only issue I had with this book was that it was too short.  It was only 107 pages long and I read it in one sitting.  It only took a couple hours.

giphy-downsized-large (6).gif

This book was chalk full of references!! Some of them I didn’t get because I haven’t read or watched the source material, but they weren’t imperative to understanding what was going on.  The ones that I did get were super awesome.  One random girl at the con was named Kaylee, and when asked if it was from Firefly she excitedly replied that it was.  This was my favorite reference because my cat is named Kaylee and I got it from Firefly!


Unfortunately some of the references might have been spoilers for the source material.  There is a scene where they are talking about Buffy and the Angel vs Spike debate.  The main character, Julie, references what seems to  be a super important episode and uses it to strengthen her argument.  While doing this she talks about how the episode ends.  If I ever get around to watching Buffy then at least that one episode is spoiled.

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While the book was super short and I would have liked it to be longer, it wasn’t missing anything.  Nothing felt rushed, and the story felt complete.  It was a fun romance with some life lessons thrown in.  While Julie is closed off and set in her ways she still has a best friend that I want to steal! Mitch is an amazing person and I wish I had a best friend like him!

giphy (2).gif

At the end of the book there were some really cool extras.  First was the favorite Buffy episodes of each main characters.  I didn’t read these because I haven’t watched Buffy and don’t want to accidentally read any spoilers.  The next section was an Author Q&A between one of the characters and the author.  It was super clever and interesting.  (The character interviews people so it makes sense) Finally there was an “One Con Glory Playlist”  I listened to all the songs and I was super disappointed.  Some of the songs were so bad it was painful to listen to them.  The rest were just ok.  They did vaguely follow the story-line of the book which was cool.  I liked the idea, I just didn’t like the song choice.

giphy (3).gif

Overall I really really liked this book! It was a fun read and I would definitely recommend it!

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