All About Love Event Hosted by Beware Of The Reader

Hey guys!!!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Sophie @ Beware of the Reader is hosting an “All About Love” event.

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Every day in February (until she runs out of guests) she will feature a guest post from a different author or blogger.  She asked us to write whatever we wanted pertaining to love!

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Today was my day! (Day 7)  🙂

Go check out my post and Sophie’s awesome blog:

All About Love Day 7: Brittany at Perfectly Tolerable


I am not gonna lie, I was struggling emotionally when I wrote the post, and it shows.  I had to take one of my fur babies to the Vet unexpectedly and I was worrying about her.  Since she was all I was thinking about, my post was inspired by her.  (Thats all I am going to say! You will have to read the post!)

I wrote this post last month, so I do want to give a quick update on Kaylee.  She has been doing better, but this will most likely be a recurring issue. We still have a way to go in trying to prevent relapse, and I am following all the Vet’s suggestions!  But for now she is improving and happy and back to her ornery self!


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