Lit-Cube January Reveal!

I know I missed doing the December reveal 😦 I was just too busy.  It was Paris themed and if you really want to know you can see a picture of the contents here.

Now on to January! This month’s theme is:


This is the first lit-cube box that has come in a plain brown box:


The book this month is The Viking’s Chosen:


This sounds really good and right up my ally!

Unfortunately something went wrong with the printing so the pages are upside down and off center.  I can’t read it because some of the words are cut off 😦 I contacted Lit-Cube and they were super nice and are going to replace it 🙂


The goodies were good this round!

First up was a signed bookmark:

IMG_8205  IMG_8206

Then a super cute magnet:


A cool, macaroon shaped container:


A Chocolate bar:


An awesome wolf Necklace:


A bath bomb (that I am afraid to use because blue stains sometimes?)


And (I saved the best for last!) a coloring book!



This box is my favorite so far! I am super excited for the book, and the coloring book is awesome!  I have already worn the wolf necklace and I really like it!

The only thing it is missing is the sticker? In the first passport box there was a sticker and a note saying to save all the stickers because one of the boxes will contain a passport for you to put them all.  I have saved all the stickers so far, but this one didn’t have one?

Next Week’s theme is:

New Orleans.png

While not as cool as Scandinavia, the New Orleans box should be fun!

If you are interested in subscribing to this box, use this link to get 15% off your first box! (I get $10 off my next box if you use it!)

13 thoughts on “Lit-Cube January Reveal!

      1. Salt licorice is very much of an acquired taste but it is very popular in the Nordic countries. What is also very popular is to give it to unsuspecting foreigners so consider yourself warned ;). The chocolate bar you got is very popular and entirely free of licorice, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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  1. I know it’s unreadable, but the pages spine side looks really pretty to me. I’d put it on my book shelf backwards. I’m really excited to see what they include for New Orleans, and how long the passport theme will go. It looks super fun so far.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree! It looks super cool! I opened the box on Sat, but didn’t notice the letters on the side till about Tuesday. I thought it was done on purpose and really liked it! But then last night when I went to actually read the book I couldn’t because it was all wonky 😦

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    1. I really like the Fairyloot box! Especially this month’s (I have seen a couple unboxing posts for it) When I was signing up for a subscription box, Fairyloot wasn’t accepting new subscribers so I couldn’t choose it.

      Its funny this month, both Fairyloot and Owlcrate chose The Cruel Prince as their book.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is super trippy! And really cool looking 🙂

      This is the second error I have had with a box and both times they replied within 30 minutes to let me know they would fix it. Their customer service is amazing!


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