*** (3 out of 5) · Young Adult

Don’t Cosplay with My Heart

Don’t Cosplay with My Heart

by Cecil Castellucci

*** (3 out of 5)


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Lets start with the positives.  I LOVE the cover.  It is even better in real life than in the pictures online.  It makes me want to die my hair that color pink! And I don’t even like pink that much! (Plus I am getting married soonish and don’t want pink hair)  I love the purple mask.  Its just such a great color scheme!  The only issue is that in the book she dies her hair purple not pink, but I can let that slide because that would be too much purple on the cover.

giphy (51)

One of the main themes of this book is “There are no fake geek girls”  I LOVE this theme! The main character Edan (which is a super cool name) struggles with some of her “friends” not considering her a real nerd.  They are constantly quizzing her, and even though she gets all the answers right they still accuse her of only being a geek to attract guys.  She tries and fails to get them to understand that if you are passionate about something nerdy that makes you a nerd.  You don’t need to know every single little detail and you don’t need to prove yourself.

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I enjoyed the overall nerdiness of this book.  Its fun to read stories about nerds and, for me, they are usually easier to relate too.  This book is a very easy read and a fairly cute story.  I like the premise of everything but there are some major issues.

First is that she is dating a total douche bag and noone seems to realize it but the reader.  She has problems with him and admits them and then writes them off.  Then she seems surprised when she is forced to face the truth.  Its one thing if she were in denial, or naive, but its pretty much just ignored.  She has all these strong opinions but she just doesn’t notice that her boyfriend goes against everything she believes in.  It just doesn’t feel realistic.

giphy (53)

Other things are just missing from the story.  It skips from Edan and Yuri’s first “date” where they don’t do anything to them suddenly being in a committed relationship.  Its not just that the timeline is sped up, which happens a lot in books, its that the story skips the first kiss, and everything else you would need to know their relationship had progressed.  And the thing with Edan’s dad isn’t explained very well.  I don’t know what “sequestered” means and they don’t explain it.  I had thought he was in jail but later you learn that that isn’t quite it.

giphy (54).gif

Edan is also very self centered and never comes to any sort of realization about it.  There is one line where she realizes she hasn’t been their for her friend, but no growth comes out of it.   Her best friend’s dad lost all their money because of Edan’s dad and Edan is only worried that her friend will hate her.  Her other friend’s mom is dying of cancer and all she cares about is that she needs him to help her make sense of her life.  She doesn’t do much to help him.  She really should have learned throughout the book to be less selfish.

giphy (55)

Finally the ending is unfulfilling.  Suddenly everything is alright but nothing is resolved.  Best friends should hash it out and then forgive each other.  They don’t just randomly decide everything is all right.  Plus you never find out what happens with the club or with any of the parents.  There needed to be more.

giphy (56).gif

Overall it wasn’t a bad book.  It is most likely geared toward the younger YA audience.  That could explain why it didn’t go more in depth into things?  If you are looking for a cute easy read with a nerdy basis then this is a good book.  If you are looking for a in depth coming of age story, this probably isn’t for you.

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