Book Haul / Babysitting

This is my first ever book haul post!

Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links.  If you purchase any of these books through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

Friday night I got to hangout with my little bro.  Technically I was babysitting him, but he is 11 so I didn’t really have to do much except buy him dinner and drag him around while I ran errands.

We started out at Barnes & Noble.

Little Bro has dyslexia and doesn’t particularly like reading, so its hard to find books he enjoys.  My sister found him Young Merlin by Tony Bradman.  Its written for kids who have trouble reading.  The reading level is lower, but the content is geared towards older kids.  Anyway, my brother loved it and we wanted to get the sequel.



Unfortunately they don’t sell Young Merlin or the sequel at B&N.  But I still wanted to get Little Bro a book.  The lady at the service desk was awesome! She was super bummed that she couldn’t find Young Merlin and was determined to find Little Bro a book.  She talked to him a while and found out what he liked.  She did her best to determine his reading level by asking about other books he has read and if they were too hard or too easy.  Then she suggested Brotherband: The Outcasts  by John Flanagan.  She even got Little Bro to pinky promise that he would give it a try before deciding if he wanted to buy it.



To his credit, Little Bro did give it a try.  He said he liked it, but he was on the fence about committing to reading it.  He kept flipping back and fourth about whether or not he wanted it.  Ultimately he didn’t get it, but he did get Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties by Dav Pilkey.



He has read some of the other Dog Man books, plus he read all the Captain Underpants books and really liked them.  I was willing to get him both books if he promised to read them, but in the end he was only sure he would read Dog Man.

While Little Bro was debating what books he should get, I was looking for books of my own.  I really wanted Geekerella by Ashley Poston.  I could not find it, so I asked the customer service lady,  (The same one that helped little bro) and she was ecstatic that I wanted to read it.  She even had to take her earpiece out so she could properly whip her hair around in excitement.  It was pretty funny.  She said this is the first time she has ever wanted a book to be made into a movie.  Thats how amazing she thought the book was.



B&N’s system said they had one copy left but she could not find it.  She was so disappointed and she looked EVERYWHERE for it.  She looked in all the sections, under the authors name, in case it was shelved wrong.  She looked all throughout the section it was supposed to be in, in case someone randomly stuck it back in the wrong place.  She asked coworkers if they had seen it.  Eventually she had to admit defeat, but she still wanted to help me pick a different book.  She recommended a few, and I settled on Don’t Cosplay with my Heart by Cecil Castellucci



I also picked up The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (cuz there has been a ton of hype surrounding it and I was curious), The Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley (cuz Han Solo is the best), and a coloring book (cuz coloring is awesome, duh)

Cruel    Han Solo.PNG

Amazon|Goodreads          Amazon|Goodreads

Update:  Turns out I already own the Han Solo Adventures.  I didn’t realize it because the cover and size are completely different.  So I will be returning it.

Here are all the books we got, with Little Bro Vanna Whiting his book:


After B&N, Little Bro and I went to Walmart where I bought a bunch of household stuff.  I also found some really cheap fleece blankets that I thought would make good tie blankets and bought Little Bro some Bubble Yum bubble gum.

Earlier Little Bro and I were chewing some Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape gum and I was blowing bubbles.  Little Bro asked me how I did that, so of course I had to teach him how to blow bubbles!  As delicious as Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape is, it is not ideal for blowing bubbles.  My preferred bubble gum is Bubble Yum.  By the end of the night he was decent at blowing bubbles!

We also made some fleece tie blankets.  Normally I buy fleece from the bolt and get it cut to the size I want and it usually costs $10 – $25 per blanket depending on the size and pattern.  Walmart had fleece blankets for $2.50.  We got four of those (two per blanket) so each blanket was only $5!  They were slightly smaller than I would usually make , but they were the perfect size for Little Bro, plus it gave us something to do!


We finished the night watching Captain Underpants:


I had a great night with Little Bro.  It was lots of fun and surprisingly productive.

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