Star Wars: The Last Jedi



I know this is a book blog, but you are going to just have to deal with a Movie Post because its Star Wars and I love Star Wars!

This is not going to be a review.  It will be an explosion of all the thoughts running through my head after seeing the movie.  Yes, I am sure you will be able to tell what I thought of the movie, but it is not my intention for this to be a review.

Also it will contain spoilers! So if you you haven’t seen the movie you should probably stop reading!


I’m serious!!! I am not even going to pretend to keep anything secret!


If you are still reading then I am going to assume you have watched the movie, or don’t care if you learn all the plot twists.

I apologize in advance that this post is going to be all over the place. I have tried to break it up by thought.  Good luck and may the force be with you!

1) Family

My Dad, My Brother, and I saw The Last Jedi on Sunday.  This was us:


I enjoyed watching this with my dad and brother! We are all nerdy together and it was nice to talk about all the parts we liked and didn’t like on the way home!

2) What is the Deal with Porgs?

A lot of the merchandise being sold pre-release heavily featured Porgs.


First I want to know how everyone knows they are called porgs?  I even knew that is what they were called, but have no idea how I knew that.  I am fairly certain it didn’t say it in the movie?

Second, why does so much of the merchandise feature porgs? I thought they were going to play an important role in the movie, instead they were all but pointless.  Yes they are super cute and funny and gave us an excuse to see Chewbacca, but they didn’t add anything to the plot. Don’t get me wrong, I liked them.  I just don’t understand why there is so much merchandise with them on it?

3) Rey’s Parents

Are they really nobodies?  Was that another trick Snoke was playing to try and seduce Rey to the Dark Side? Personally I am still holding out that Rey is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s daughter.  Obi-Wan is one of my favorite characters and it would be awesome if she was his daughter.  My favorite character is Han Solo, but Kylo Ren is Han’s son and I don’t want Rey and Kylo to be siblings.  Though, siblings would be better than lovers, so who knows.  Either way, I hope that they answer the question once and for all in the next movie.  No more of this ambiguous crap.

I have been reading other people’s reviews all morning, and this topic seems to have viewers split.  One person really liked the fact that they were nobodies and hoped that it was true.  Another person hoped that it was just a trick from Snoke and that we find out who her real parents are in the next movie (he was rooting for Obi-Wan too). A third user ignored the fact that they said her parents were nobodies and went straight into the speculation of who they really are (he thinks Luke Skywalker)

4) CGI Carrie Fisher?

You might have already known this, but I wasn’t sure of the timeline.  After seeing the movie I was curious if Carrie Fisher had actually finished the filming before she passed, or were there CGI parts.  I knew she was CGI at the end of Rouge One, so it is possible that they could CGI her in this movie and future movies.  Googling it was hard because it returned a lot of articles about how the franchise is dealing with her death, and not a specific answer to my question.

Eventually I found this article: Carrie Fisher’s Traumatic ‘Last Jedi’ Scene Hard for Family to Watch.  They mentioned that the family had gotten to watch an early cut while Carrie was still alive, so I think it is safe to assume all her appearances in this film were actually her.

5) Vulptex


Unlike the Porgs these creatures are not all over the merchandise.  Also unlike the Porgs, they have an actual use in the movie.  They help the small band of remaining resistance fighters to escape.  Personally I like these guys better than the Porgs, but I tend to like feline creatures in general.  (I know these guys could be canine … I still like them!)  I am not the only one! There are lots of posts saying how much better these guys are than the Porgs:

Also, back to the Porgs. Everyone knew what they were called but no one knew what these cute Ice Foxes were called.  It actually took some digging for me to find their name.

6) Why is it important to let us know the surface of Crait was made of salt?

Remember this scene? Unknown character one steps out of the trench to look off into the distance with his binoculars.  His footprints on the white landscape are red.  I think they might be blood.  Unknown character two sticks his finger in the boot print and then licks his finger (ewwww) He then turns to unknown character three and says “salt.”

That might not have been exactly how it went, there is a lot of scenes playing around in my head, but I think I got the jist of it.  I very rarely analyze why a scene is in a movie.  I don’t care that the porgs were useless, they were cute.  But this scene baffled me.  it didn’t make any sense why it existed.  What am I missing?

7) Vice Admiral Holdo’s Purple Hair


I love the purple hair.  In fact I like her whole look.  She looks regal and bad-ass all at once.  I also liked her character.  She had no reason to explain her actions to Poe.  In the military I don’t think it is common practice for higher ups to divulge their plans to the lower ranking soldiers.  Overall I really liked her.  And at the end where she took the ship into light-speed to try and save the others while taking out an enemy ship was spectacular.

8) “We are what they Grow beyond. That is the true Burden of all masters”


I love this quote.  It is super insightful.  Of course it had to come from Yoda, the wisest Jedi we know of.  The issue with it coming from Yoda is that its said in a weird order.  So its not particularly easy to quote.

9) “That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.”

This scene bugged me.  I know Fin is one of the main characters so therefore he is more important to the story, but why did Rose sacrifice herself to save him?  And in doing so she prevented the destruction of the battering ram that probably killed hundreds of people when it destroyed the door.  Why is Fin more important than all the people he was trying to protect? It was very selfish of Rose.

I know that they needed to open the door for the rest of the movie to continue, and I am glad Fin didn’t die, and Rose probably isn’t actually dead.  But it still bugged me that she sacrificed all the people Fin was trying to save, by saving Fin.

10) Lei Floating Scene

When Lei got sucked into space and then used the force to pull herself back in, it just looked stupid.  It was a cool idea, but ended up looking ridiculous.

11) The Code-breaker


It was unclear if the code-breaker they ended up with was the one Maz was referring too.  It is probable that he lost the flower pin gambling and ended up in jail, and that is who they were looking for. What are the chances there were two code-breakers in the same place that could break into the First Order’s ship?  If it was the right guy, did Maz know he was the type of person to turn tail when it suited him?

It was super unfortunate he betrayed Fin and Rose, but not surprising.  He is the one that points out the people making money building First Order ships are the same people making money building Resistance ships.  They don’t care who wins the war, they are just in it for the money.  Thats how the code-breaker operates.  He is going to help whoever pays him.  Though he did give back Rose’s necklace, so I don’t think he is completely heartless.

12) Kylo Ren kills Snoke

This was awesome! I like how Snoke narrated his own death and didn’t even see it coming!  It was brilliant.  He could tell what Kylo Ren was doing but couldn’t see the little details.

Then Kylo and Ren fought together and it was beautiful.  I had such high hopes! But then Kylo had to be a little bitch and ruin it.

13) Kylo Ren is a little bitch


My fiancee sent me a text a couple months ago asking who Kylo Ren was and if I liked him.  My Response: “He is the Bad Guy in the New Star Wars movies.  He killed Han Solo and is creepy looking, so no, I don’t like him.”

I really wish he was hot. I know that is weird, but it bugs me that he isn’t attractive.  Anakin Skywalker was very attractive.  Kylo Ren looks like a whiny teenager.  And for the most part he is a whiny teenager.

In The Force Awakens I didn’t like him at all, but there was a TON of character development in The Last Jedi.  You see how Kylo Ren was “Created.”  If you woke up and thought your Uncle was trying to kill you, you would probably freak out too.  You also see a lot of conflict inside of him.  He wants to do right, but the light side betrayed him.  He is confused about what is right and what is wrong.  Snoke took him in, in his moment of weakness. Now that I understand him more, I like him more as a villain, but he is still weird looking.

In his twisted conflicted mind, he thinks he is better for the galaxy than either the First Order or the Resistance.  Does this make him different than the Resistance?  This plays into my next thought … what is good and what is evil?

14) What is good and what is evil?

In the original 6 movies, good was light and evil was dark.  But Kylo is a conflicted mix of both.  You can see there is good and bad in him.  Rey is also strong in the dark side and doesn’t shy from it, which scares Luke.  Rey is obviously good, but Kylo is not solely bad.

Also is the Code-breaker bad? Yes, he revealed the Resistance fleet, but he also broke into the First Order’s ship.  He is more of an opportunist.  I would say he is pretty neutral.

Skulls in the Stars summed it up really well: “Putting it in terms of Dungeons & Dragons alignments, the First Order seems to be Lawful Evil and the Resistance seems Chaotic Good; in DJ, we have a character who is practically true Neutral: he will work for anybody, and doesn’t give a shit.”

15) Plot Twists and Spoilers

What is considered a spoiler? Is saying there is a large plot twist a spoiler?  Personally I would rather not know there is a plot twist ahead of time because I want to be completely surprised.   But the radio station I listen to told everyone without warning that there is a plot twist.  They didn’t seem to think it was a spoiler.  My dad agrees with me that he doesn’t want to know there is a plot twist.

Also, what was the plot twist? Was it that almost all of the resistance died? That Fin and Rose failed? That Kylo killed Snoke? That he didn’t turn to the “good side” afterward?  Was it Luke returning at the last minute? All of the above?  If I had to guess they were talking about Kylo killing Snoke and not returning to the good side.  I don’t know why people got so worked up about the “Plot Twist” when it doesn’t even come close to the plot twist of Vader being Luke’s father.

giphy (15)giphy (16)

16) Everything the Resistance Tries Fails

In most movies the heroes have some troubles then ultimately they succeed, but not this one.  Every plan the Resistance has fails.  They start with a decent amount of people and end up with enough to fit on the Millennium Falcon.  After the movie, this kind of bugged me.  Its no fun to watch everything fail over and over again.  Its very stressful.

But, after reading other fan’s reviews, it makes a little more sense.  One of the theme’s was that you have to let the past die and move forward.  The old Jedi order has been destroyed and the new is being reborn in Rey.  The Resistance needs to be broken down in order to start over.

It also can be stretched to say that this movie isn’t like the original 6.  You need to accept that the old movies are done and you need to embrace the new ones as they are.  I think thats a little too deep and reading into it too far, but its kind of cool to think about.

17) What are the dice things on the chain?

The gold dice things on the Chain that Luke gave Leia at the end and then they disappeared in Kylo’s hand when Luke died.  What are they? What is their significance?

I know they are important and I remember seeing them earlier in the movie but I didn’t take note and now I can’t remember where I saw them before?  It bugging me but I don’t want to google it, in case it brings up other stuff relating to future movies.

18) Potato

Sorry for the long Post. Here is a Boba Fett Potato:


Side note: Why do people post potatoes at the end of long posts? How did that get started?

Thanks for reading!! Please feel free to comment with any answers to my questions (they aren’t rhetorical!) or any random thoughts you had!

4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  1. I’ll be your first comment here, because, “the Force is with me! haha” Here goes:

    REY: Sooo many possibilities. First, I think Kylo Ren totally lied to her about her parents!
    But there is still more: Is she the granddaughter of Obi-wan kenobi?
    Or a granddaughter of Palpatine?
    Or, might she be a reincarnation of Shmi Skywalker? There is also some resemblance.
    Or, remember when Rey touched the Ice/glass wall, wanting to see who her parents were and she saw herself? Could this mean:
    A) it was some sort of warning-moment like when Luke saw himself under a Darth Vader Mask and all in black clothes in an earlier episode? That occurred to me, but i think probably not that. What I thought much more was: did Rey see herself because she has no parents and was a created being? oooohh! Could it be? But—who would have created her? Could she be a clone or created from the DNA of Shmi Skywalker? But wait, there’s still more…..

    What if Rey’s parents were powerful, evil Siths—-and Luke killed them? What if Rey finds out? Will she go dark?

    back to Rey being a created being, designed to be strong in the force, and created by—SNOKE! Now *that* would make for another “iiiiii am your Father!” moment, wouldn’t it? Mwuuuahahaaahaa!

    The “Cubes on the Chain”. They look sort of like earrings. What are they? I was fascinated by this and just couldn’t think of anything.
    And then today, it finally hit me. The jedi must end. Old Texts. Old knowledge. omg! Could they really be—Holocrons? Maybe not. But then I’m back to being puzzled as ever.

    Admiral Holdo. Seems like pretty-much a bitch to me. Uses her title and rank to boss others but seems like she’s clueless as to what really works. Or, is that deliberate? Could she be helping the first order secretly? I could be wrong about that part. But I did wonder a bit.

    The Code-breaker. Was it really THE code-breaker that Maz Kana recommended? let’s say it was. Then, does that cast any different or new light on Maz? Hmmm. If this code breaker is NOT the one Maz recommended, then how did he find out the Resistance needed a code-breaker?

    SNOKE—his death was, welll….”too easy”. In The Force Awakens he talked a little slower, seemed darker. But here, suddenly he comes across as more outgoing/talkative, and much more “sassy”. Like a conceited, snotty brat, but a very powerful one. Will we ever find out who he was? And HOW–did he ever get so mangled-looking? This raises another question: WHO, could do this to him? And–where is that person now?

    Kylo Ren and Rey fought together against the guards. They helped each other. But shortly after Snokes death, it seems as if Kylo rapidly became more evil, uncaring and lying. Question: Could Snoke have left his mangled body and “possessed” Kylo? This may explain why he got more evil after fighting WITH Rey. But that isnt necessary for episode 9. And whoever rey’s parents are, where are they now?

    The Old Jedi Texts. Rey has them, doesn’t she? On the Millennium Falcon. What will she find when she reads them? Will she disagree with anything in them? And who wrote the Jedi texts? Which Jedi? How many Jedi’s? Exactly when in time?

    How will Rey now continue to advance/develop in knowledge and power? And stay ahead of Kylo Ren?
    There’s alot to think about, but it’s fun. may the Force be with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that your comment is all over the place like my post! Also thanks for taking the time to read it 🙂

    Good point that Rey would be Obi-Wan’s granddaughter not daughter. Also it just occurred to me that Jedi’s weren’t allowed to have families and he wasn’t really a rule breaker so it would be surprising if he had a kid. Though it is possible he got someone pregnant without knowing about it. I never thought of the clone idea. That would be kind of cool if she was Shmi’s clone or recarnation. I don’t think Snoke had anything to do with her creation/birth. It would be to much of a copy of the other movies which I think they are staying away from.

    Speaking of Snoke I do want to know his story. I meant to add that to my list of thoughts but forgot. He was super creepy and just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Where was he during all the other movies? He seems old so its hard to believe he didn’t exist when Luke was fighting Vader. It didn’t occur to me that he wasn’t dead, and I would like to believe he is actually dead, but thats an interesting thought.

    I am pretty sure the old Jedi texts were destroyed by Yoda when he burned the tree. That was the whole point that the old way was flawed and that Rey needs to create a new way. So Yoda got rid of the old texts. For that reason I don’t think the cubes on the chain are Holocrons. Yoda didn’t want her to follow the same paths. He wants her to embrace both the dark and the light instead of ignoring the dark. She needs to find balance within herself. My brother said the cubes were were like the fuzzy dice that people hang on their rear-view mirrors and that he saw them on the Millennium Falcon. I don’t know if I buy that, but its possible. Next time I watch I will for sure be paying attention for them!


  3. OK! So here goes-

    Rey- I am in the party that likes that her parents are nobodies. You don’t have to have important parents to be important yourself. I liked that message. But I feel like I am in the lesser group here.

    The dice Luke saw on the Millennium Falcon either shortly after or before R2 showed him the hologram of Leia that started the whole thing.

    I agree about the Porgs- WHYYYYY whats the point?

    I am SUPER bugged by the forced Rose/Finn ship right now. I think it is absolutely unnecissary, and frankly uncalled for. Granted, I am much happier with him and Rey but as my mom pointed out, they may be setting up a Romeo/Juliet scenario between Kylo and Rey, so they had to snuff out the whole Rey/Finn romance possibilities….and maybe make them more like Luke and Leia? But what, then does that mean that the new “hero trio” includes Rose? Sorry but I am NOT a fan. I’m just not.

    I also was super confused by the significance of the salt planet and pointing out that the red was salt not blood… maybe that will have significance in the next one? Either that or they were just trying to make it PG and not seem QUITE so violent? who knows.

    Also- Carrie Fisher was deff not CGI’ed at all in this. That was one thing I found out pretty early on actually so I wasn’t ever worried throughout the movie (though she did look and sound terrible so that was upsetting). Also also- the whole floating back the ship thing was pretty terrible. I mean it was super sad and I didn’t want it to happen at the time, but that would have been a good exit plan for the creators….Princess Leia survives this movie…. how are they going to explain her absence in the next one? It better not be CGI….my brothers are theorizing that the new movie will start with her funeral, that the injuries sustained from being in space for that long were too great and she eventually fell to them.. but I don’t know..

    My final note- I kinda liked that the resistance failed in this one. It makes it more realistic and human… I mean I know that the whole essence of a Star Wars movie is that good always wins out, and that may be the root of all the complaining about this movie being unlike any of the others, but I think it was a cool idea to step outside the box and try something a little different. It leaves the door open for one of the biggest comeback stories you could ever imagine! I mean think about it, going from a couple dozen people in an entire galaxy, and beating the reigning “government.” That is huge. But again, I think I have the unpopular opinion on this one…

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING! I have been dying to get out all my thoughts about this movie since I saw it on Saturday. This was a lovely outlet, so thank you :] and May the Force be with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you found my post as an outlet for your thoughts! Thats exactly what it was meant for! I needed a dumping ground for all the thoughts in my head and I hoped other people would do the same! I love reading everyone’s thoughts on the movie 🙂 Thank you for responding.

      I wouldn’t mind if Rey’s parents were nobodies, I just wish they had actually told us definitively. Though I think it would be cool if she had cool parents, but I see your point.

      I agree with you about the Rose/Fin ship. I don’t like it. One post I read pointed out that we don’t know if Fin’s feelings towards Rose are reciprocated. He might not like her back that way. Poe and Rose would make a better couple. I would be okay if Fin and Rey get together but I also wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t. I don’t need the romance aspect necessarily. I don’t want Kylo and Rey to get together tho because Kylo annoys me and Rey is so awesome.

      It will be interesting to see how they handle Leia in the upcoming movies. I am not opposed to CGI if they do a good job. A funeral to start off the movie would work too. I agree it would have made sense for them to let her die in space so they wouldn’t have to deal with it. (That sounds really bad, I don’t mean it to be bad, you worded it much better)

      I don’t necessarily think that them failing was a bad thing. I definitely didn’t like it though. It was very stressful to watch.

      Thanks again for responding!

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