‘Tis the Season … to Fall Behind



Guys! I am already super behind this month and its only the 6th!  I am not just behind in blog posts but also in real life stuff.

You may not know this about me, but I am a list person, so here are lists of the things I need to do, and the things I have accepted I am just not going to do:

Blog Posts:

To do:

  • I got a puppy!
  • November Lit-Cube unboxing
  • November Lit-Cube Book Review
  • 6 Degrees of Separation December
  • Friday Face Off 12/8

Not going to do:

  • Friday Face Off  12/1
  • October Lit-Cube Book Review
    • Sorry if you were looking forward to this, I don’t really have any desire to read this one, and I don’t want to waste my time when there are so many other books I want to read
  • Write about my Vegas trip this weekend


giphy (2).gif


Real Life:

To do:

  • Mail Christmas Cards
  • Return half the stuff I bought on Black Friday
    • I bought duplicates of a lot of things because I found them cheaper elsewhere.  Now I have to make a bunch of returns
  • Laundry
  • Christmas Present Shopping
    • And Christmas Present wrapping
  • Take Puppy and Cats to Vet for checkups
  • Puppy Training Classes
  • Clip Cats’ nails
  • Pay Bills
  • Put Up Christmas Decorations

Not going to do:

  • Bake Cookies
    • I think I can con my mom into doing this for me (shhh don’t tell her)


giphy (1)


To do:

  • GoodReads 2017 Reading Challenge
    • I am 6 books behind 😦
  • Finish Secondborn by Amy Bartol
  • Update list of books I have read

Not going to do:

  • Read The Picture of Dulce Garcia by Alana Albertson


giphy (3)


I have a lot to do and I am the queen of procrastination!!! For example, instead of completing items on my list, I wrote a post about my lists…

giphy (4).gif

Anyway,  I hope you are having a great Hump Day (Wednesday) and that you get everything done on your list!




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