I got Engaged!!!!


David proposed!!! 

Motion-Still-2017-11-28 (1).GIFMotion-Still-2017-11-28 (2)Motion-Still-2017-11-28 (3).GIF

There is a softball tournament every November called “Turkey Bowl” You run the bases backward (go from home to third to second to first) and you get one pitch from your own pitcher.  You either hit it into play or you are out.  The winners get turkeys.  It is a ton of fun and its my favorite tournament of the year.  We took 1st this year and then David proposed at home plate after our team picture!


The first time I ever played in Turkey Bowl was 2013.  That was the day David and I met.


After one of the games in 2013 we were talking about all the couples that had met by playing together on that team.  There were two couples playing that day, plus another couple that wasn’t there.  They decided that David was next and that they needed to find him a girlfriend.  One of the girls turned to me and asked me if I was single. I thought David was super cute but I didn’t want to sound desperate, so I responded “I am single, but not that single” I am normally not quick with comebacks at all, but that one worked out all right.  David took it as a challenge and here we are, four years later, engaged.

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David did such a good job picking out the ring.  It is perfect.  And the proposal was perfect too! I was surprised and I wouldn’t have changed a thing!  I love David! He is a really great guy ❤

P.S. He proposed on 11/11 so I am a little late on the post.


8 thoughts on “I got Engaged!!!!

      1. And what an adorable proposal as well. David sounds like a keeper. I hope you two have many many happy years together.

        It’s funny because my boyfriend’s name is also David and he and I met at the beginning of this year while playing D&D.

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      2. Thank you so much!

        And thats awesome you met playing D&D. It helps to share something fun to do that is not just drinking at a bar! (Also I love D&D)

        It is funny! David is such a common name. My Dad and My Uncle are both named David too so it causes a bit of confusion at get togethers.


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