Friday Face-Off

Friday Face-Off: Double Image or Reflection

I found this weekly meme over on The Bibliosanctum.  It looks super fun so I figured I would give it a shot!  It looks like the original creator was Books by Proxy, but it is now kept going by Lynn’s Book Blog.

The rules are simple.  You pick a cover based on the week’s theme, and then you compare it to other covers for the same title.  Then you pick your favorite! Thats it. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

This week’s theme is Double Image or Reflection.  I picked The Giver.

Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links.  If you purchase any of these books through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

Reflection Cover:

Giver 1

Cover I remember from High school:

Giver 2

Other Covers:

Giver 3Giver 4

Honestly I don’t like any of these covers.  I probably would never pick this book to read if I saw it in a bookstore.  I appreciate the last cover is trying to appeal to a younger audience but its too trippy.  And the reflection cover is kind of creepy.  The other two are boring, but at least they are sort of normal.  Plus I remember the one cover from high school.  I am a bit nostalgic so that one appeals to me.

Without further ado, the winner is:

Giver 2

Why mess with what you know?  This is the cover I remember and I liked this book, so while none of them are great I like this one best.  Its not a great reason, but I didn’t have a lot of great options.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off: Double Image or Reflection

  1. I’ve never seen this book before but I tend to always lean on the side of nostalgia so understand your winner completely. I always tend to go for the book cover that I own or am most familiar with.
    Thanks for joining in 😀

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