26 Bookish Facts About Me

I am stealing this post idea from Stephanie over at Stephanie’s Book Reviews.  For her birthday she decided to post 34 bookish facts about herself (she turned 34).  It was an awesome idea, and even though it isn’t my birthday, I am going to write 26 bookish facts about myself! So here you go:

1) I don’t understand the big deal about keeping books in pristine condition.  I am awful with my books.  I dog ear the pages, I shove them in my backpack, I press the spines flat, I read in the shower.  Unless its an expensive or rare book I don’t see the point in keeping it nice.


2) I love my kindle because it allows me read in public without being judged.  I still read regular books but its so convenient to be able to instantly download the book you want, instead of having to wait for it to ship.

3) I really want the new waterproof kindle, and will be asking for it for Christmas.


4) Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book

5) The Harry Potter books are the first books I remember reading by myself, and I was completely obsessed with them.

giphy (44)

6) Unless the narrator changes, I don’t usually notice when a new chapter begins.

7) I hate books (and movies) where people switch bodies (like Freaky Friday).

8) Even though I love romance novels, Fifty Shades of Gray made me unconformable and I never finished it.


9) I very rarely don’t finish a book

10) I was one of the only kids in my High School class to actually read A Tale of Two Cities, and I liked it.

11) The only book related quiz I failed in High School was Old Man and the Sea because I didn’t get the Christian symbolism since I am not religious.  I hated that book.

12) The only two people that know about my blog are my Grandma and my friend Phil.

giphy (45)

13) I have a room in my house dedicated to containing all my books and my nerdy paraphernalia.  I refer to it as “my library” since I have a lot of books in there.

14) My favorite poem is There is no Frigate like a Book by Emily Dickinson

15) I have a tattoo based off of the poem There is no Frigate like a Book by Emily Dickinson (it is almost done healing I will write a post with pictures soon)

16) I don’t like reading books in a series if the series is not completely released.  I am not patient enough to wait for the next book and I read so many books in between I often forget the little details from the first books.

17) I don’t read scary or horror books. (or watch scary movies)

18) I cry during sad parts and my boyfriend thinks its funny.

giphy (46)

19) I have a tendency to read waaay past my bed time even if it means I will be miserable at work the next day.

20) I have trouble objectively reviewing books.  I want to give most of them 5s and have to really think about whether or not they actually deserve it.

21) I like happy endings.  If a book doesn’t have a happy ending I won’t like it nearly as much.

giphy (47).gif

22) As a teenager I was often reading two or three books at a time; a personal book and my required reading.  I still sometimes read two books at once but it happens less often.

23) Even though I read a ton and often continue the stories in my head, I have no desire to write a book or fanfic.

24) I don’t like reading technical books.

25) I go through phases where I read every second I can and then I will go weeks without touching a book.  This is loosely related to my depression and anxiety levels.

26) It took me a long time to figure out that William Goldman wrote The Princess Bride and there is no original version by S. Morgenstern.

giphy (48).gif

So, that’s me in 26 bookish facts!

Hopefully Stephanie doesn’t mind that I stole her post idea.  After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

What are some bookish facts about you?  Share in the comments or create your own post and share the link!


8 thoughts on “26 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. I loved reading these! I definitely agree with not wanting to read a series until they’re all published, but I can rarely make myself follow that rule. It’s always wonderful when I discover a series that’s already done, though. I am also quite impressed that you can read in the shower. I definitely would not be able to manage that without ruining the book.


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