Lit-Cube October Reveal!

If you read my September reveal you might remember that I was missing a couple items.  After contacting Lit Cube, they rectified the error and sent me my missing items! It was a candle and some lip gloss:


Both of them smell amazing!!! The candle is Apple Cinnamon Donuts.  Think Sugar Cookie smell meets Apple Cider smell.  The Lip Balm smells straight up like Apple Cider.  I am super glad I realized I was missing items because I really like both of these!

Now for October’s box:

Here is the theme reveal e-mail I received:


First Impressions?  Its October, of course they are going to do a Halloween theme.  This one sounds pretty cool, and I am glad it is not a horror theme because I don’t do scary stuff.  I’m disappointed to see that the book has a Picture of Dorian Gray vibe because I hated that book.  Overall I’m excited for the box.





Last month I complained that the inside of the box was designed to be “Apple Spice and Everything Nice.”  I said I would rather they spend their time and money on the items inside the box and not the box design.  I need to re-tract my statement because the box is the same this month as it was last month.  I apologize for my brash negativity.

The first thing in the box was a card:


I made the mistake of reading the back of the card before looking through the box.  The card is just a list of what is in the box and what everything is worth.  If there was one of these in the September box I didn’t get it.  It would have been nice because then I would have known what I was missing.



Going in the order of the card, first up is the book:


This doesn’t sound quite as bad as The Picture of Dorian Gray but I’m not sure I will like it.  I will attempt to read it and will write a review. (I know, I know I still owe you September’s review.  I’m about halfway done with the book and liking it a lot so far!)

Next are the bookmarks:


These are super fun, but I don’t know how well they work … they barely stretch to cover a regular size paperback, and it kind of bends the book.  I think they will work better for a romance novel size book, or maybe if I keep using them with bigger books they will stretch out a little?

Next up is a necklace:


I like it but I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, and I don’t really have an occasion to wear this.  It doesn’t fit my normal style but I am going out tonight; maybe I can find a shirt to wear it with?

The final two items go together:



The wax melter thing is super cute, but I am a little confused to its purpose.  You need a t-light in order to heat and melt the wax, but I thought the point of melting wax was so that you didn’t have an open flame?  The wax melts are shaped like sugar skulls.  I couldn’t smell them through the packaging and don’t want to open them until I go buy a t-light to try it all out.

Finally there was a Kit Kat and some other piece of candy I haven’t tried yet.  Here is the full loot:


Overall I like the box!! Can’t wait for next month’s! I will try to take cool pictures like everyone else does haha.  I realize my pics are kind of lame.  Next Month’s theme is “Passport to Scotland” which sounds super cool!

I found out that I can get a $10 referral reward if I get anyone to sign up! So if you want 15% off your first box, and if you don’t mind me profiting from it, then pretty please use this link:


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