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First and Only Destiny

Throw Back Thursday!!

Before my blog I rarely took the time to review the books I read.  I would give it a star rating, but I would not write an actual review.  However, I did review First and Only Destiny because I won it in a Goodreads givaway.

If you have never been to Goodreads its an awesome website where you can keep track of all the books you have read, and the ones you want to read.  Its also great for getting info about books, series and authors.  In other words I am a huge fan.  They also have this section for giveaways where you can enter to win free books (Yay!!).  In return they ask that, if you win, you write a review. (easy peasy).  So checkout the giveaways page, and remember to only enter for books you are actually willing to read!

And yes, I stole that last paragraph, word for word, from my review of The Fairytale’s Daughter, but this is a “Throw Back Thursday” post so I can do what I want!

Here is my review of First and Only Destiny, from May 2017.  It is pre-blog so it is short and boring and has no cool gifs or pictures.

* (1 out of 5)

“I got this book from a Good Reads giveaway, and I wanted to like it but couldn’t. The overall idea for the story itself was fine, but the execution wasn’t good. The writing was too over the top with random descriptions, especially at the beginning. It got better as the book went on, or maybe I just didn’t notice it as much. At times Devraj’s behavior was bordering assault and not romantic at all. The ending was abrupt and unfulfilling. I was able to use my imagination and believed they were able to live happily ever after, but the synopsis of the second book shattered that illusion. The whole book tries to deal with the complexities of interracial couples with strong religious backgrounds, but the characters fail to accomplish anything worthwhile. Overall it just wasn’t a good book.”

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