Used Book Stores!

Sad news! The used book store by my house is closing today.

giphy (3)

Good news! They had a going out of business sale

giphy (4)

So apparently I cannot be trusted in a going out of business book sale. I probably would have bought the whole store, but I only had $40 and, luckily, they only accepted cash. As it was, I picked out a ton of books and had to put a couple back, because I went “over budget.”

They had pretty good sale prices:

  • $1 Small/Mass Paperback and Kid’s Paperback
  • $2 Large/Trade Size Paperback
  • $3 Hardcover/Leather-bound and Kid’s Hardcover
  • $5 Audio-books

In case you are curious, here is what $40 of books looks like:


And yes, I bought 4 copies of Pride and Prejudice and, yes, I bought all 3 versions of the Pride and Prejudice Spark Notes.  I collect Pride and Prejudice books with different covers, “So don’t judge me, Lizzie. Don’t you dare judge me.”

I am not the only one that went a little crazy.  My friends, Vince and Emily, bought a bunch of books too:


When considering where to by a real book (not a kindle book), every type of book store has its good points and bad.  I have 4 main criteria when judging a book store:

  1. Cheap Books – Can I get them for cheaper than cover price?
  2. Huge Selection – Do they have the book I want? And if they don’t can they get it for me?
  3. Physical Books – Can I hold the book while deciding if I want it? (This is for decision making purposes … this is not a kindle vs real book debate, I will save that for another day)
  4. Quickness – Can I get my book today?
Barnes and Noble Amazon and Ebay Used Book Stores
Cheap Books
Large Selection
Physical Books

So each type of store has its pros and cons.  If I know exactly what I want and don’t mind waiting then Amazon/Ebay is the way to go.  If I know exactly what I want and want it today then Barnes & Noble it is.  But if I don’t know what book I am looking for, then a used book store is the best.  And since most of the time I don’t know what I want to read, used book stores are my personal favorite.

The best used book ever store is Powell’s Books in Portland Oregon.  They are mind blowing!

giphy (5)

The store takes up an ENTIRE CITY BLOCK and is 3 stories high.  They are huge! According to their website they have an estimated one million books (read that in Dr. Evil’s voice from the second gif and it makes it so much better!) I have gotten lost in Powell’s more than once.  They have so many books that they separated the store into 9 different rooms, which are color coded for your convenience.


Powell’s sells both new and used books, so they have everything you could ever want.  They are the best of both worlds.  For a lot of titles Powell’s has both new and used copies.  You can get a brand new copy for full price, you can get a super beat up copy for dirt cheap, or you could take the middle ground and get a gently used copy for a decent price.

Seriously, if you are ever in Portland you absolutely have to go see Powell’s.  Its freaking amazeballs.


One thought on “Used Book Stores!

  1. Powell’s sounds like a dream! I am from India and the city I live in has a mad set of second-hand bookstores to choose from. I always feel like I’ll come back home bankrupt! 😂 I like your selection criteria, much like the things that go through my head.

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